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SSIR Now! Jul 21, 2016

Learn from leading experts on how you can leverage networks to drive social change at this year's Nonprofit Management Institute. Only ONE DAY left to receive the lowest rate!  Read More

By Taz Hussein & Mariah Collins

Large health care systems are beginning to invest core operating dollars in connecting their patients to community resources, in service of the ultimate solution to better costs and outcomes: keeping patients healthy. Read More

By Matthew Forti

There are conditions under which nonprofits, even those pursuing transformative scale, will find commitment strategies—rather than exit strategies—to be the right answer for their direct service programs. Read More

By Abby Ivory, Paul F. Brown, & David Chen

What needs to happen before environmentally friendly investments can become an established part of the market? Read More

By Greg Beato

A group of museums around the United States is providing poor families with unprecedented access to exhibits and activities. Read More

In a panel moderated by Grantmakers in Health's Faith Mitchell, Dr. Robert Ross, and Nick Tilsen discuss how we can attain health equity by addressing larger social and economic issues. Read More

By Annmarie Benedict & Eric Brown

The Atlantic Philanthropies and its network of partners are using advocacy and communications to end capital punishment in the United States once and for all. Part of the series, The Case For Communications. Read More

By Charles James

It is time to connect our classrooms with the world. Read More

By Fay Twersky

In this book, The Seductions of Quantification, Sally Engle Merry discusses how international metrics on human rights, gender violence, and sex trafficking aren't nearly as objective as they seem. Review by Fay Twersky. Find more book reviews and excerpts here. Read More

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Applications are now open for the Macquarie Group Foundation’s David Clarke Social Innovation Fellowship, established for CEOs of nonprofit organizations in New York, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. This grant funds the research of social innovation and best practices internationally. Find out more and apply.