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SSIR Now! Nov 24, 2015

Understanding the "gig economy" and the future of work will be crucial for nonprofit leaders in 2016 and beyond. Join Lucy Bernholz for a sneak peek at Blueprint 2016 in this SSIR Live! webinar. Read More

By Sasha Dichter, Tom Adams, & Alnoor Ebrahim

A series of recent projects that incorporate lean design principles show that it’s possible to gather high-quality impact data quickly and inexpensively. Includes magazine extras. Read More

By Hollie Russon Gilman

Inclusive governance will require that civil society, government, and industry work together to empower citizens. Part of the Data for Community-Driven Solutions series. Read More

By Floyd J. Malveaux & Julie Kennedy Lesch

Corporate philanthropy can play a powerful role in addressing pervasive public health problems—a look at three effective practices from the Merck Childhood Asthma Network. Read More

By Srik Gopal & John Kania

Five simple rules for foundations seeking to create lasting social change. Read More

Movements may seem to rise up organically, but there is a method behind this mystique. This SSIR Live! webinar will outline a three-step methodology for mobilizing people around a shared purpose. Read More

Learn from industry-leading experts—from Stanford University, GreatNonprofits, and more—who will impart their wisdom on how to craft great narratives with data. Read More

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