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SSIR Now! Oct 8, 2015
By John Kania & Mark Kramer

The five conditions of collective impact, implemented without attention to equity, are not enough to create lasting change. Part one of our Equity and Collective Impact series. Read More

By Gerald F. Davis & Christopher J. White

Social intrepreneurs have an opportunity to change their companies for the better, from the inside out. Read More

By Eric Heitz & Barbara Wagner

Three lessons on accelerating targeted social change through network building. Part of The New Network Leader series. Read More

By Gabriel Kasper & Justin Marcoux

If innovation is everywhere these days, why is finding it so hard? Read More

By Kristin Hull

The benefits of gender-lens investing have a strong ripple effect. Read More

By Kimberly Manno Reott

Social enterprise awards can be an opportunity to build movements and networks, not just single out winners. Read More

By Duncan Maru

Why we need strong public-private partnerships in health care and beyond. Read More

Design thinking is a human-centered method for tackling complex problems. Learn from Stanford professor Nadia Roumani how social sector leaders can incorporate design thinking into their strategy in this two-part SSIR Live! webinar series on Oct. 20 and Nov. 10.  Read More

Watch video presentations of experts from a variety of sectors on the proliferation of data in the social sector and how organizations can use data for social change. Read More

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SGTF seeks a Director of Learning and Evaluation to create a learning and evaluation framework that will enable smarter grantmaking and increase the impact of our initiatives combatting climate change, water security, pandemics, and nuclear proliferation. Learn more here.


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