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Implications for the Social Sector

Featuring Lisbeth Schorr, Fay Twersky, & Alicia Grunow

In this panel discussion, experts address how the social sector must ask the right questions when developing metrics.

Executive Director of the Jaquelin Hume Foundation Gisèle Huff on the role of social innovation in nonprofits.

Philanthropy and the Free Market in Education

Featuring Gisele Huff

Jaquelin Hume Foundation Executive Director Gisele Huff talks about the foundation's investment strategy, and why innovation and technology initiatives are significant.

Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, on social entrepreneurship

The Peer Water Exchange: A Platform for Change

Featuring Rajesh Shah

Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, shares his social entrepreneurship model that leverages technology, new media, and peer interaction to solve the water crisis.

Political Savvy: Guidebook for a New Landscape

Featuring NewSchools Summit 1

An accomplished panel of educational reformers share ideas and advice on how to build coalitions, engage with politicians and understand the operational and political challenges ahead.

20 Years of Business Partnership at EDF

Featuring Gwen Ruta & Bob Langert

Cross-sector partnerships in environmental and social innovation that stemmed from the partnership of McDonald's and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Peter deCourcy Hero - Beyond 2009: Emerging Trends in Philanthropy - Thumbnail

Peter deCourcy Hero - Beyond 2009: Emerging Trends in Philanthropy

How are nonprofit management leaders, foundations, and individuals dealing with the new economic realities?  In this audio lecture, Peter Hero, with his wealth of experience in nonprofit management and foundations, shares his reflections on the downturn, how the nonprofit sector has been impacted, and the response from donors and foundations. These lessons in nonprofit management guide leaders to think more deeply when times are tough, with the optimism that we will all come out stronger.

Steve Cole - Social Enterprise for Kids with Cancer - Thumbnail

Steve Cole - Social Enterprise for Kids with Cancer

How can a social enterprise save the lives of young people? In this audio lecture sponsored by the Center for Social Innovation, Steve Cole talks about the Re-Mission video game, a project that inspires young people to take their pills after their cancer has been put into remission. The game was the first product of HopeLab, an organization dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of young people with chronic illness.

Online Giving Marketplaces - Online Giving Markets: Niche or Revolution?

A pluralistic society boasts many independent centers of power and foundations have an instrumental role in supporting such diversity. Online giving marketplaces are further democratizing philanthropy by empowering donors to support the causes they care about. In this panel discussion, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, experts in the field consider whether such online spaces are simply useful adjuncts to the work of philanthropy—or whether they promise to revolutionize the sector altogether.

Jeff Mason - Improving Philanthropy Effectiveness

How do we know that the nonprofit organizations we support are actually effective? In this audio interview, host Sheela Sethuraman converses with Jeff Mason about his efforts, along with key organizational leaders, to develop an assessment tool that evaluates nonprofit management performances. Their work could become a major contribution to the world of philanthropy.