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Understanding why people are poor and innovative ways to alleviate poverty

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Jeffrey Sachs

By Eric Nee 9

Jeffrey Sachs believes we must lift a billion-plus people out of poverty while reducing our impact on the environment.

Economic Development

Jessica Jackley - International Development Through Microfinance

Jessica Jackley is cofounder of Kiva.org, the nonprofit microfinancing website that allows people to promote international development and break the cycle of poverty by lending as little as $25 to a specific third-world entrepreneur. In this audio lecture, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, Jackley talks about how she is revolutionizing philanthropy and inspiring a new generation of philanthropists through technology.

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Lucrative but Deadly

By Jessica Ruvinsky

As parents spend more time raising their profitable coffee crop, they spend less time attending to their children's needs.


Local Warming

By Jessica Ruvinsky

Global warming may end up helping some poor farmers who will be able to sell their crops for higher prices.

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Nonprofits & NGOs

Claire A. Williams, Lara Vogel - Using Social Enterprise to Outpace Poverty

Hope Runs is a nonprofit social enterprise working in Kenya and Tanzania that uses athletics, education, and social entrepreneurship to empower AIDS orphans. In this audio interview, founders Claire Williams and Lara Vogel talk about how they have turned their idea of using marathon running to "outpace poverty" into a vital organization that partners with AIDS orphanages to have a real influence in children's lives. They discuss their model, how they use volunteers, and advice for social entrepreneurs.