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Our on-demand SSIR Live! webinars are offered every 4-6 weeks, and feature the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s most provocative and important topics. Webinars are available for purchase on-demand 12 months after the date of the live event.

The Network Leader Roadmap

March 22, 2016 at 11:00 am Pacific
Presented by David Sawyer, David Ehrlichman, David Haskell, & Curtis Ogden

The most daunting social and environmental challenges of our day can’t be solved through individual action, no matter how heroic. What does it really take to catalyze diverse groups of people, within organizations or across sectors, to build trust, take action, and work together to achieve uncommon results? This webinar is for organizational and network leaders who recognize that real progress requires collaborative approaches involving multiple actors and resources across departments, organizations, and sectors. This webinar is also for leaders seeking new insights into how to build trust, lead authentic conversations, and catalyze generous collaboration across teams, organizations, and networks.

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The Tactics of Trust

The Network Leader Mindset

March 8, 2016 at 11:00 am Pacific
Presented by Jane Wei-Skillern, Marty Kooistra, & Jean Horstman

Why do seemingly selfless nonprofit organizations have such a hard time working together? To harness the tremendous potential of networks, social sector leaders must let go of conventional wisdom and shift their focus from organization-level goals to network-level impact. Join Jane Wei-Skillern, a researcher of nonprofit networks, to learn the four principles that are critical to network success. Targeted at managers and executive leaders, this webinar offers participants lessons on how to build cultures and structures that enable networks to thrive.

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