Social Enterprise - Articles

Innovative ways that organizations are using and adapting business strategies to advance social and environmental well-being (more)

Child’s Play

By Sheryl Nance-Nash

A video game teaches children about famines and how to stop them.

Review: Bootstrap Dreams

Review By Nancy C. Jurik

The emergence of microenterprise development programs, internationally and in the United States.

In Your Face

By Maia Szalavitz

The social enterprise that beat city hall.

Managing Medusa

By Pamela Yatsko

A Hong Kong manufacturer brings business practices to social services in Asia.

Greg Steltenpohl - Tales from the Trenches

As the founder of Odwalla, Greg Steltenpohl created what has become one of the leading U.S. suppliers of fresh juice and beverages. In this audio lecture, Steltenphohl reminisces about how he started up his company, and reflects on the importance of supporting a new model of capitalism that enriches communities and makes enterprises more socially and environmentally responsible.

The Pitfalls of Profits

By Burton A. Weisbrod

Why nonprofits should get out of commercial ventures. At the same time, the tax code needs to be changed to help nonprofits get more charitable donations.

Competitive Advantage: A Dance of Relevance

By Jocelyn Dong

Ballet Memphis leverages its understanding of local culture – Elivs, gospel, rockability, and African-American stories – to compete against touring Broadway blockbusters.