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Innovative ways that organizations are using and adapting business strategies to advance social and environmental well-being (more)

Pumping Prosperity

By Ron Russel

ApproTEC’s pumps are designed and marketed with an understanding of the culture and psychology of African farmers.

Managing Risk

By Kathryn Olney

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California is thriving, despite taking on clients that no one else would.

The Sound of No Music

By James A. Phills, Jr.

Like many nonprofits, the Oakland Symphony failed to understand the distinction between mission and strategy.

Sticking Together

By Anne Stuhldreher

A California mayor’s challenge leads to an innovative resource-pooling strategy.

A Healthy Advantage

By Kimberly Solheim

Nonprofit health care providers are more cost-effective.

Work Works

By Gerald Burstyn

For Ready, Willing & Able, finding a home starts with cleaning the streets.

The Humanitarian Divide

By Christopher St. John

A Cambodian 'nonprofit company' peddles digitization -- with a social edge.