Diem Brown was battling ovarian cancer when wedding and baby registry invitations begin flooding her mailbox. While her friends were asking for blenders and dishware, all she wanted was a wig and some help covering her medical bills.  But there were no resources for her to orchestrate these needs, and flat-out asking was awkward.

Fast-forward four years, and Diem is now making this resource possible for anyone in the hospital.  Since entering remission a little over 4 years ago, she has been working on a medical gift registry—aptly called MedGift.com — launched this week.

I met with Diem at Health 2.0 in San Francisco.  She is beautiful and confident, and radiates genuine enthusiasm and compassion.  From a Real World and Road Rules contestant to ovarian cancer patient to her new role as entrepreneur and executive, Diem faces adversity with grace and resilience.  Check out our interview below: