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Shades of Green - Thumbnail

Shades of Green

By Andrew J. Hoffman 3

Social networking tools reveal that there is an intricate web of relationships between business and environmentalists, which if developed could benefit the environmental movement.

Social Innovations


By Marcia Stepanek

The Internet has the potential to do a lot of good in the world, but we must not ignore the emerging negative influence.

Social Enterprise

Douglas Holt - Marketing for Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship efforts need marketing as much as any business enterprise. In this audio lecture, Oxford business professor Douglas Holt asserts that there is a systematic way to learn from the marketing success of companies such as Apple, Harley Davidson, and Coca-Cola.

Offsetting Green Guilt - Thumbnail

Offsetting Green Guilt

By Matthew J. Kotchen 6

Voluntary carbon offsets allow people to invest in projects that allegedly counteract their greenhouse gas emissions. But can voluntary offsets help slow global warming? Or are offsets a way for consumers to buy their way out of bad feelings?


No Profit for Her

By Alana Conner

Research shows that men may be more effective than woman at utilizing microfinance investments.

Bridging the Gap
Between Rich and Poor
in an Interconnected
Jacqueline Novogratz
Social Innovations

It’s the Destination

Review By Pamela Hartigan 5

The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World by Jacqueline Novogratz

Spring 2009