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Innovative ways to enhance corporate social responsibility (more)

Review: What Matters Most

Review By Sheila Kaplan

The authors offer an inside view of corporate social responsibility at work.

Review: Leading Teams

Review By Jason Baumgarten

Baumgarten offers strategies for creating team success.

Marketing Research: That Won't Break the Bank Alan R. Andreasen

Marketing Research

Review By Claire Alexander

This straightforward book offers a primer in how to conduct effective and affordable market research that reveals valuable information about customers or clients.

Spring 2003

Value Shift: Why Companies Must Merge Social and Financial Imperatives to Achieve Superior Performance Lynn Sharp Paine

Value Shift

Review By Perla Ni

The author has penned an engaging book that unravels the complicated issues surrounding business ethics.

Spring 2003

Review: The New Capitalists

Review By Jarrett Spiro

THE NEW CAPITALISTS: How Citizen Investors Are Reshaping the Corporate Agenda by Stephen Davis, Jon Lukomnik, and David Pitt-Watson

Winter 2007

Review: Bootstrap Dreams

Review By Nancy C. Jurik

The emergence of microenterprise development programs, internationally and in the United States.

Review: Strong Medicine

Review By Michael K. Gusmano

The strategic use of vaccines may be the key to spreading infectious diseases in the developing world.