Creating and Capitalizing on the Best Management Thinking
Thomas H. Davenport, Laurence Prusak, and H. James Wilson
256 pages (Harvard Business School Press, 2003)

Rather than focus on TQM, MBOs, Six Sigma, or any other management strategy as a onesize- fits-all solution, this book focuses on how managers can discern and drive the brightest ideas. Relying on years of experience in business and academia, the authors relate backgrounds from people key to importing and implementing new concepts within their own companies. Addressing how ideas take root and how best they might be evaluated, the book also points to what kind of person might be a good “idea practitioner.” Such people, the authors argue, do best in an “idea-friendly culture” that emphasizes trust and candid dialogue – an atmosphere in which employees feel free to examine new ideas without feeling undue pressure to embrace any accompanying hype. In these times, that notion alone may be most economically wise, for nonprofits and for-profits alike.