Social Enterprise Innovative ways that organizations are using and adapting business strategies to advance social and environmental well-being


Embracing Innovation

By Marietta Rodriguez

NeighborWorks America, a 40-year-old congressionally chartered nonprofit, redefined its relationship with its grantees to build a learning lab for innovation.

Realizing the Dream of Homeownership

By NeighborWorks America

NeighborWorks’ courses on homeownership and support services empowered these people to buy their own homes and transform their lives.

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Rediscovering Social Innovation - Thumbnail

Rediscovering Social Innovation

By James A. Phills Jr., Kriss Deiglmeier, & Dale T. Miller 13

Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise have become popular rallying points for those trying to improve the world. These two notions are positive ones, but neither is adequate when it comes to understanding and creating social change in all of its manifestations. The authors make the case that social innovation is a better vehicle for doing this. They also explain why most of today's innovative social solutions cut across the traditional boundaries separating nonprofits, government, and for-profit businesses.