The Network Leader Roadmap

Session Two of The New Network Leader

Presented by:
David Sawyer, Partner, Converge For Impact
David Ehrlichman, Partner, Converge For Impact
David Haskell, Cofounder and CEO, Dreams Indeed
Curtis Ogden, Senior Associate, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Moderated by:
Michael Slind, Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon PDT, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. EDT

This webinar is the second in a two-part series on The New Network Leader.

The most daunting social and environmental challenges of our day can’t be solved through individual action, no matter how heroic. What does it really take to catalyze diverse groups of people, within organizations or across sectors, to build trust, take action, and work together to achieve uncommon results?

This webinar is for organizational and network leaders who recognize that real progress requires collaborative approaches involving multiple actors and resources across departments, organizations, and sectors. This webinar is also for leaders seeking new insights into how to build trust, lead authentic conversations, and catalyze generous collaboration across teams, organizations, and networks.

This webinar will:

  • Explain how networks can enable public, private, and social sector leaders to achieve impact with greater agility while utilizing existing resources
  • Provide practical techniques, exercises, and convening designs that enable groups to rapidly build a capacity for finding common ground
  • Introduce paths for identifying shared values and a shared purpose across diverse actors
  • Set forth a clear roadmap for launching and sustaining networks that can drive innovation and impact both within organizations and across systems

Whether you’re an organizational leader or a network leader, real progress toward your mission requires generous collaboration between people who may have intense personal disagreements and professional differences. However, it is possible to rapidly and effectively develop a capacity for finding common ground between diverse stakeholders. This webinar will delve into practical strategies for how to identify shared values, engage groups in authentic dialogue, build trust, and catalyze lasting collaboration.

David Sawyer and David Ehrlichman, partners of Converge For Impact and designers and facilitators of the Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network, will lead the discussion. They will be joined by David Haskell, cofounder of Dreams InDeed International and accompagnateur and network weaver of Offre Joie (Joy of Giving), and Curtis Ogden, senior associate at the Interaction Institute for Social Change and network facilitator and capacity builder for Food Solutions New England.

Price: $49, which includes access to the live webinar; unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months; and downloadable slides. Purchase this webinar with "The Network Leader Mindset" for the discounted price of $89. 

Speaker Bios

David Sawyer, Partner, Converge For Impact @dhsawyer

David Sawyer is a partner of Converge. Sawyer is a strategy guy for a better world, specializing in networks, design, and systems thinking. He is active across all sectors and has played key roles in a variety of fields: education reform, national service, social entrepreneurship, women and girls, venture philanthropy, and environmental preservation. Sawyer’s contributions include facilitating The New Generation Training Program and other national leadership programs, helping to launch the nation’s Americorps program, and leading a community delegation to the Presidents' Summit for America's Future.

David Ehrlichman, Partner, Converge For Impact @dce2020

David Ehrlichman is a partner of Converge. Ehrlichman works to catalyze others to make their greatest contribution. Specializing in systems change and multi-stakeholder collaborative efforts, he has helped design and launch impact network across the environmental, healthcare, education, economic, and civic systems. His current work, along with David Sawyer and colleagues at Converge, includes building the Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network (, a region-wide collaboration of 19 major organizations to steward the region for generations to come, and designing the UCSF Health Coordination of Care network to improve coordination of care for people with serious illnesses across the UCSF Health system. Ehrlichman was previously the Network Coordinator and systems director of the James Irvine Foundation New Leadership Network (, a cross-sector network of 48 civic leaders for community revitalization in Fresno, CA.

David Haskell, Cofounder and CEO, Dreams InDeed

David Haskell is cofounder and CEO of Dreams InDeed, a strengthener of indigenous social entrepreneurs in hard places of sectarian violence, such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. While his Harvard and UCLA graduate studies sharpened that approach, Haskell’s most profound teachers about being fully human have been street kids, genocide survivors, and the mentally challenged. Resident expert and sector advisor at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, Haskell has presented on vision- and values-driven networked approaches for collective impact at American University of Beirut, Adelphi, Berkeley, Duke, Harvard, Notre Dame, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, and Tufts.

Curtis Ogden, Senior Associate, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Curtis Ogden is a senior associate with the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), a collaborative capacity building organization serving those working for justice and sustainability. In this role, Ogden delivers network design, facilitation, and training services to a variety of change initiatives. Some of his recent work includes: Food Solutions New England, Vermont Farm to Plate Network, Cancer Free Economy Network, Connecticut Right From the Start (equity and early childhood development) and the State Priorities Partnership. He is also a member of the Research Alliance for Regenerative Economics. He blogs regularly about networks at and lives in Amherst, Mass. with his wife and daughters.

Michael Slind, Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Michael Slind is senior editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review. He has extensive experience as a writer, editor, and publishing professional. Slind is coauthor, with Boris Groysberg, of Talk, Inc.: How Trusted Leaders Use Conversation to Power Their Organizations (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012). Previously, he worked at Harvard Business School, where he wrote widely used case studies on corporate strategy and entrepreneurial management. Earlier in his career, he served as managing editor and as a senior editor at Fast Company magazine.