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Organizational Development

Building Movement Mindsets: Tools and Frameworks for Transforming Communities, States, and Countries

Participants will leave this webinar with:               

  • An understanding of the characteristics of effective movements
  • Tools, skills, and a framework to facilitate discussion and a movement mapping process within an organization
  • Insights on how to strengthen movements and build power in partnership with others
  • Ideas for shifting organizational roles and strategy to become a stronger movement partner

As our social and political environment has become more volatile over the last few years, organizations are increasingly seeking opportunities to work in more networked ways and contribute to movement and power building efforts. They often grapple with questions such as:
What does the movement need?
How does the movement build power systemically?
What is our organization’s role in the broader movement?
Where and how can we have the greatest impact?
Who do we need to partner with and how?

This SSIR Live! webinar is designed for nonprofits and foundations tackling root causes and seeking change in a community, state, or across a country. Participants will learn how to use a tool for mapping movement capacities and reflect on organizational strategy. Participants will also explore the “changing states” framework – a complex tool being used in over twenty states by advocates and funders to assess and determine investments and strategies for building power. Together, these tools and frameworks are a guide for how people and organizations can work together better to influence decision-making, worldviews, and narratives.

  Expert Speakers:
Tamara Draut, vice president of policy and research at Demos, and Doran Schrantz, executive director at ISAIAH MN, will share their experience of applying these tools and frameworks to inform organizational and coalitional strategies. Tamara will further share how Demos has developed an ongoing movement orientation, and why this makes a difference to their work.  Doran will explain how ISAIAH works with coalitions to develop the governing power needed to turn the tide in Minnesota. Susan Misra, co-director at Management Assistance Group (MAG) will draw from over a decade of experience supporting movement networks to advance transformative change.

  Interactive Program:
Participants are encouraged to ask speakers questions during the webinar and in the SSIR LinkedIn group where presenters will answering additional questions after the broadcast.

Who Should Attend?
This SSIR Live! webinar is designed for nonprofits and foundations staff are tackling root causes and seeking change in a community, state, or across a country.

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Price for this webinar: $59
This price includes access to the live interactive webinar, unlimited access to the recorded webinar video and downloadable slides for twelve months.


  • Vice President of Policy and Research, Demos
  • Co-Director, Management Assistance Group
  • Executive Director, ISAIAH MN
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
Organizational Development

Listen Up! How Feedback Can Accelerate Nonprofit Growth and Impact

Presented by Kathy Reich, Phil Buchanan, Susannah Rose, and Christopher Watler 1

In this complimentary SSIR Live! program—part of our online series “The Power of Feedback” — Kathy Reich, director of the Ford Foundation’s BUILD initiative, will explore how organizations can accomplish more when they listen to and act upon input from the people they serve. Reich, with Dr. Susannah L. Rose, scientific director of research in the Office of Patient Experience at Cleveland Clinic Health Systems, Christopher Watler, executive director of Center for Employment Opportunities New York, and Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, will share their experiences and insights on how gathering feedback is the right, smart, and feasible thing to do to help organizations improve.

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