This video learning tool will:                 

  • Share a vision: How to identify a company’s philanthropic goals and understand whether its goals match your own
  • Build a case: How to best position your work, your vision, and your strategy to attract corporate funding
  • Sharpen communications: How to talk about your impact in a way that forges a deep connection with corporate funders
  • Build relationships: How to leverage your board and leadership team to rally for you

Most nonprofits have figured out how to raise money from individual donors, family funds, and even private foundations. But relatively few nonprofits have figured out how to attract funding from corporations. This video learning tool will take you inside the business boardroom and help you unlock the world of corporate philanthropy.

What motivates a corporation to fund one proposal over the other hundreds or thousands it receives? What distinguishes one nonprofit from another, especially those that share similar missions? How can a nonprofit stand out to corporate funders? 

This video learning tool is for nonprofit and social enterprise executives who are interested in learning how to best position their organizations as investment opportunities for corporate philanthropy.

Anuja Khemka leads the discussion. She brings over ten years of experience in corporate philanthropy at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. Khemka is joined by Keith Timko, executive director for the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, an organization that has raised significant amounts of corporate funding, and Wendy Hawkins, who led Intel’s corporate philanthropy for 25 years.

Price for this video resource tool: $29. This price includes unlimited access to the video and downloadable slides at your convenience for six months, until December 15, 2018.



  • Philanthropy Consultant with 10+ years of experience at JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs Foundation
  • Executive Director, Support Center
  • Former Executive Director, Intel Foundation
  • Moderator
    Former Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
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