This webinar will explore:

  • Why collaboration is critical for nonprofits facing increasing technological shifts
  • What considerations to keep in mind when entering a collaboration
  • How organizations can reframe collaboration as coming from a place of strength rather than weakness
  • How nonprofits can leverage big data to foster partnerships and manage their organizations in a cost-effective manner

“Survival of the fittest” is out. “Survival of the connected” is in. We are living in an era where digitization and automation are transforming how we work together, including in the social sector.  Nonprofits of all sizes are now seeking out partners across geographies to execute a shared vision in real time.

Big data can foster partnerships. However, combining data from different platforms in different formats may pose a challenge to most nonprofits, which lack the resources of for-profit businesses for data analysis. In this webinar, we will explore how nonprofits can maximize social impact through collaboration. We will also examine case studies that challenge the view that only weak organizations need to merge resources.

Interaction Icon  The audience will be encouraged to ask the speakers questions during the webinar to explore this topic further.

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  • Founder and Executive Director, DataKind
  • President and CEO, BBB’s
  • Founder of Mission Partners
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
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