This webinar will:

  • Map the current and emerging landscape of independent work
  • Identify the most promising and troubling elements of independent work
  • Generate ideas on what could make independent work more stable and sustainable for workers, especially vulnerable and/or lower skilled workers
  • Highlight promising innovations that are already underway and might be ripe for scaling
  • Share strategies for supporting independent workers and dig into some of the most promising innovations.

    Sponsored by:

In this complimentary Stanford Social Innovation Review webinar, The Bridgespan Group and The Rockefeller Foundation will highlight insights that emerged from their four-month exploration of independent work and provide a forum for practitioners and thought leaders to share their observations on recent developments and emerging innovations. “Shaping the Future of Gig and Other Independent Work” is for people who want to provide greater stability and security for this fast-growing workforce. The webinar is highly relevant for social entrepreneurs, researchers, philanthropists, policy makers, leaders of private and public businesses, and, of course, independent workers themselves.

Today there are 36 million independent workers in the US—gig workers, freelancers, and contingent workers—who work outside the traditional employer-employee model. By 2020, that number is projected to swell to between 50 and 75 million workers. How can freelancers and gig workers, whether they enter the independent workforce out of choice or necessity, stitch together the kind of stability and safety nets that conventional, high quality employment can provide? And how can employers who rely on contract workers create access to benefits like sick days and decent health care?

Join this SSIR webinar to explore the opportunities and challenges independent workers and employers face in this new world of work, and discover potential solutions that address the needs of independent workers who are vulnerable.

This is a complimentary webinar sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation. Registration to this webinar will include access to the live webinar; unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months at your convenience; and downloadable slides.


  • Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Partner, The Bridgespan Group
  • Director, Future of Work Initiative at Aspen Institute
  • Founder, Chair & CEO,
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
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