This complimentary SSIR Live! program will explore:         

  • The factors that are contributing to declining trust in media

  • The importance of data and research in driving solution-building

  • Data-driven approaches to restore trust in media and address the spread of misinformation

  • Opportunities for nonprofits, funders, startups, and others to support problem-solving

Americans estimate that 44% of the news they see on TV, read in newspapers, or hear on radio is inaccurate. And they believe 64% of the news they see on social media is inaccurate too. Declining trust in media is an issue that affects organizations of all kinds—from nonprofits and foundations to technology companies and the government itself. Those working to strengthen our democracy and advance civic engagement, in particular, are spending time and resources on understanding the challenges of information overload, misinformation, political polarization, technology platforms as news distributors, and media bias in order.

Over the last year, the Knight Foundation and Gallup have released a major research series exploring trust, media, and democracy to examine why public trust in the media is at an all-time low. The series provides insights into a variety of topics, including the ways people evaluate the trustworthiness of news content, and whether they think technology platforms should be subject to the same rules as media organizations.

Using this research as a starting point, this SSIR Live! program will help nonprofits, funders, and organizations improve their communications and messaging efforts by highlighting public opinion around issues of trust in media. To provide real-world context, this program will also offer a view into the work of Cortico, a technology nonprofit that is developing research-driven tools to help counteract misinformation.

Program Features:

  Expert Speakers:

David Askenazi is the director of learning and impact at the Knight Foundation. He manages research and evaluation projects to advance the foundation’s learning agenda and gather insights to inform strategy across Knight’s program areas. Jeffrey Jones is the senior research consultant and managing editor of the Gallup Poll. He oversees research and operations of Gallup Poll. Eugene Yi is the co-founder and president of Cortico, a tech social venture that aims to foster a healthy public sphere. He is also a visiting scholar at the Laboratory for Social Machines at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. 

  Interactive Session:

This webinar will be conducted as a lively, interactive program. You’re encouraged to ask the speakers questions during the session to explore the topic further. The speakers will answer some additional questions after the broadcast in the “Comment Box” at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to interact with them.

  Real-world Examples: 

Each point will be illustrated with research insights and real-world examples. We will also explore how nonprofit tech organizations are developing research-driven tools to help counteract misinformation, and underscore their part in addressing the declining trust in media. You will leave this webinar with a fresh perspective on the role of data and research in driving change and solutions, and discover opportunities where your organization can support problem solving.

Who Should Attend?

This SSIR Live! webinar will prove valuable for nonprofits, funders, and organizations across sectors as they draw insights from research reports on public’s evaluation of the trustworthiness of news content. Participants will also learn how to counteract misinformation with data-driven approaches and research-driven tools.

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  • Director of Learning and Impact,
    Knight Foundation
  • Senior Consultant and Managing Editor,
    Gallup Poll
  • Co-founder and President,
    Cortico & Visiting Scholar at Laboratory for Social Machines, MIT, Media Lab
  • Moderator
    Associate Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review