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SSIR Now! Sep 22, 2016
By Myung J. Lee & Peter Levine

By transforming traditional municipal volunteering programs into "impact volunteering" efforts—into vehicles for deliberation, collaboration, and connection—leaders and citizens can lay a foundation for civic renewal. Read More

By Heather Hachigian

George Soros’s $500 million investment announcement following the first-ever UN summit on migrants and refugees sets an example for how all investors could engage in “migrant lens investing." Read More

Ford Foundation President Darren Walker talks with SSIR Senior Editor Michael Slind about what organizations like his can do to address inequality. Read More

By Andrew Stern, Moitreyee Sinha, & Sara Wallace Beatty

This year marks the last Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. How might future global development convenings build on the meeting’s success to create even greater impact? Read More

By Beth Kanter & Aliza Sherman

How nonprofit leaders can protect themselves and their staff from burnout and achieve higher, more sustainable organizational performance. Read More

By Jyoti Sharma

A model of social entrepreneurship focused on market-based solutions and profit is threatening to crowd out more collaborative approaches. Read More

By Adene Sacks & Heather McLeod Grant

How leaders are integrating both the network and organizational mindset into their pursuit of social impact. Read More

What motivates a corporation to fund one proposal over the other hundreds or thousands it receives? What distinguishes one nonprofit from another, especially those that share similar missions? Learn the answers to these questions and others in this SSIR Live! webinar on October 18. Read More

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