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SSIR Now! Jan 19, 2017

There's been a groundswell of interest in impact investing in recent years, evidenced by new investment tools and on-ramps, larger financial commitments, and a more supportive regulatory environment. Read the first two articles in the series:

Read More

By Kyle Coward

In the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, mental health professionals are using hip-hop culture to reach troubled youth. Read More

By Jan Masaoka, Christina Dragonetti, & Katie Kleinsasser

Student debt is hurting recruitment, retention, and diversity in the nonprofit workforce, but a Federal program is poised to help. Read More

By Jana Zindell

Instead of prescribing higher education as the silver-bullet solution to poverty, we must provide diverse and contextualized pathways to disadvantaged children, enabling them to redefine the dominant narrative of success. Read More

By Noël Duan

In Japan, minimart chains such as 7-Eleven and Lawson play a major role in providing services for a burgeoning elderly population. Read More

In Dying and Living in the Neighborhood, author Prabhjot Singh makes a strong case for connecting healthcare to neighborhoods, but it could focus more on the role of race and ethnicity. Review by Faith Mitchell. Find more book excerpts and reviews here. Read More

Join us next week, on January 25, for a free webinar that will explore "The Gig Economy" in which independent workers work outside the traditional employer-employee model. Read More

Data on Purpose | Do Good Data is sold out! Join the wait list for this annual gathering of individuals and organizations using data to revolutionize the social sector: February 7-8, 2017, at Stanford University. Read More

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