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SSIR Now! Jan 11, 2018
By Andrew Stern

Why global philanthropists can no longer afford to overlook the importance of supporting government capacity in developing countries—and what they can do about it. Read More

By Jeff Shumway, Jake Segal, & Michael Etzel

The real promise of pay-for-success lies in changing how government funds social services. Read More

By Clark G. Gilbert, Michael M. Crow & Derrick Anderson

To meet the challenges of a new era, universities should redesign their core functions while also creating capacities to reach emerging and underserved markets.  Read More

By Carly Fiorina

Lessons from a lifetime of leadership on the importance of finding common ground and fostering a culture of collaboration. Read More

By Mark Esposito, Terence Tse, Khaled Soufani, & Lisa Xiong

The technology-driven model of agriculture may offer a means to address farm output and food security in the years to come. Read More

Featuring Michael McAfee

In this podcast from our 2017 Nonprofit Management Institute, PolicyLink President Michael McAfee shares his perspective on being both angry and excited about the changes America needs to make—and using both of those emotions in a productive way. Read More

By Saphira M. Baker and Anita McGinty

How collaboration between nonprofit evaluators and organizational consultants can increase efficiency and lead to deeper results. Read More

By Beth Jenkins

Lessons for success from large companies that have found ways to tap into the entrepreneurial talents of their employees. Read More

By Rachael Goodman & Sarah Kaplan

Our ongoing obsession with the myth of meritocracy is now spreading to education systems in developing economies with pernicious effects. Read More

By Mina Kumar

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a nonprofit leader shares lessons on preparedness, collaboration, and resilience. Read More

By Adrienne Day

Boston Uncornered gives gang-involved individuals a stipend and social support to attend college. Read More

How to motivate people to care about issues that matter most? Register now for the next week's SSIR Live! program, Six Communication Imperatives for Every Changemaker and learn more from the experts! Read More

Join Josh Levy, founder of Digital Security Exchange, and learn how to develop strategies for addressing digital security from the ground up, including getting leadership to drink the digital security Kool-Aid, developing and implementing internal policies and systems, and ideas for fundraising to support such efforts. Learn more and register. Read More

In Social Startup Success, author Kathleen Kelly Janus examines the road to success for social impact organizations. Find more book excerpts and reviews here. Read More

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