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SSIR Now! Nov 15, 2018

Articles from the Winter 2019 issue cover topics ranging from philanthropy's relationship with democracy to organizational perspectives on internal disagreement that spur innovation. Digital and All Access subscribers to SSIR can sign in and read all of the content from the the issue now on Visit the subscriptions page for more details on unlocking SSIR articles. Read More

By Rob Reich

Plutocratic biases are baked into the policies that structure charitable giving and big foundations. We must overhaul philanthropy to make it better serve democratic ends. Read More

By Gar Alperovitz

Nathan Schneider's chronicle of the cooperative movement dazzles with stories but is short on solutions. Read More

By Jeff Ubois

The MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change team learned a lot from the first round of grants that will boost collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the next round. Part of the Winter 2019 issue's Finding, Funding, and Scaling supplement produced by SSIR for the MacArthur Foundation. Read More

By Samantha Wright & Annie Neimand

No single organization or individual can pull off an effective storytelling campaign alone. Reaping the benefits of storytelling requires that we build better partnerships between three important players. Read More

By Hester le Roux & Maggie De Pree

Four ways companies seeking to align their corporate strategies and business processes with the Sustainable Development Goals can foster social innovation from within. Read More

By Cary McClelland

Cary McClelland's new book, Silicon City, documents the transformation of San Francisco in the digital age. Read More

Gathering feedback from clients can be the swiftest path to insight and service improvement for nonprofits. Listen for Good offers a low-cost, high-quality method. Part of the Power of Feedback series produced with the support of the Hewlett Foundation. Read More

Register today! In this SSIR Live! program, leaders from three different organizations will describe the tangible lessons learned, challenges faced, and paths forward in their attempts to break down structural inequities within systems. Read More

Join us February 19-20, 2019, at Stanford University for SSIR’s 5th annual Data on Purpose conference. SSIR will assemble leading experts and scholars to weave together the latest research- and practice-based insights from data scientists and researchers, nonprofit and foundation leaders, policymakers, and other prominent experts to help identify what is truly important, versus simply what is possible or urgent. Read More

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