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SSIR Now! Feb 23, 2017

Part of the of Spring 2017 issue, this supplement examines the different ways that social innovation is evolving in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan, as a result of each country’s unique history, culture, and political-economic system. Read More

By Harvey Koh

For solutions to get to scale, we need strong entrepreneurs who can build on existing breakthrough ideas, rather than creating entirely new ones. Read More

By Jesse Fink

Impact investing strategies often focus on returns, but one family foundation’s sights are set on building human capacity, collaboration, and diversity in the field. Part of the Mission Possible: How Foundations Are Shaping the Future of Impact Investing series. Read More

By Monica Potts

President Obama experimented with radically new ways of maximizing the impact of social programs. Read More

By Van Ton-Quinlivan

Five successful change management strategies from an initiative to transform higher education. Read More

By Nasreen Dhanji & Roshan Paul

More social innovators need to ask themselves whether the products and services they offer are actually new—and whether they in fact benefit the people they aim to help. Read More

New research has uncovered a growing disconnect between donors and community-based nonprofits. Join Part 1 of The Giving Code webinar series on February 28 to learn how this trend can affect you. Read More

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