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SSIR Now! Mar 7, 2019
By Carrie Leana

Anxiety about debt and financial stability can severely reduce the productivity and health of employees, which can hurt a company’s bottom line. Businesses, government, and philanthropic organizations should embrace the case for improving the financial well-being of workers. From the Spring 2019 issue. Read More

Starting today, learn how to launch or take your social enterprise to the next level! We kick off with an in-depth exploration of effective approaches and specific tools needed to identify and work with stakeholders as part of a social-change process. Don’t miss the launch of this four-part series on social entrepreneurship. Read More

By David Bley & Vu Le

For real systems change, philanthropy must make greater investments in organizations led by the communities most affected by injustice. From the Spring 2019 issue. Read More

By Justin Maxson

Repairing the damage done by centuries of systemic racism demands that foundations do more than refine their grantmaking; it requires that they examine everything they do with an explicit focus on racial equity. Part of a new series presented in partnership with Mission Investors Exchange. Read More

By Dan Cardinali

The president and CEO of Independent Sector elaborates on how big bets can help redistribute wealth and rebalance the power dynamic between donors and nonprofits. Part of the Spring 2019 issue's Unleashing Philanthropy’s Big Bets for Social Change supplement produced by SSIR for The Bridgespan Group. Read More

By Brittany Boettcher & Kathleen Kelly Janus

If funders want to improve DEI in their organizations, they need to re-define risk, emphasize trust, and reflect the communities they serve. Read More

By Swee Sum Lam & Ling Han

Nurturing current and future leaders and improving governance in Singapore is transforming the entire business community and their collective social responsibility. Part of the Spring 2019 issue's Business for Good in East Asia supplement produced by SSIR for the Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation. Read More

By Jeremy Dale

An excerpt from The Punk Rock of Business gives leadership a new, wild spin. Read More

By SSIR Editors

SSIR seeks submissions for a race-focused series that inquires how DEI can be simultaneously global and local. The deadline is March 31, 2019. Read More

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