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SSIR Now! Apr 19, 2018
By Monika Johnson Hostler & Moira O’Neil

In the shift from #MeToo to Time’s Up, movement leaders are strategically framing sexual violence as a social and cultural problem, rather than an individual problem. Doing so helps people think about the broad range of actions we can take to systemically prevent sexual violence. Part of our "Picture This: How We Frame Issues Matters for Social Change" series. Read More

By Susannah Hares

Parents in emerging economies seem happy with schools that don’t teach their kids very much. The lack of demand for good quality education could be one of the biggest barriers to solving the education crisis. Read More

By Jess Rimington

Why the internal operations of nonprofits and NGOs make or break their impact. Read More

Exchange ideas, share insights, and connect with fellow global changemakers at this year’s Frontiers of Social Innovation on May 21-22, 2018. For two days, discuss, debate, and develop meaningful solutions that address some of today’s most pressing global challenges. Learn more about Frontiers and view our outstanding sessions. Read More

Featuring Brittan Heller & Kim Meredith

The Anti-Defamation League’s Brittan Heller discusses her work tracking cyber-hate, and her partnership with tech companies and law enforcement agencies to reduce bigotry and promote justice and fair treatment in online environments. Read More

By Ingrid Srinath

To translate India’s robust growth in giving into impact, the sector must find ways to address the roots of inequality, nonprofit dependency on business, and an underdeveloped philanthropic system. Read More

By Michael Mantell & Mary Scoonover

A look at how private long-term investment can help spur public engagement—and lead to policy change and impact—in environmental conservation and beyond. Read More

Join us for a dynamic workshop designed to help you learn the ins and outs of program and fundraising measurement and analysis. Read More

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