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SSIR Now! Jan 18, 2018
By David Lehr & Paul Lamb

How decentralized technologies are transforming philanthropy and NGO work.
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By Sofia Faruqi & Caroline Gagné

Across the world, businesses are making money by restoring forests and farmland.
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By Rahil Rangwala

School entrepreneurs in India have a new option, with loans that encourage better test scores. Part of the Impact India series. Read More

By Alissa J. Stern

The digital tools that threaten local languages also offer potential to keep them alive. Read More

By Esha Chhabra

Swades Foundation is working to break nonprofit community development efforts out of their silos in India. Read More

By Peter W. Roberts & Deonta D. Wortham

New recommendations for the very small businesses that help communities prosper. Read More

This special supplement, sponsored by the Presidio Institute, takes a close look at cross sector leaders: how they are different from other types of leaders, the role that they play in advancing social change, and why they are so important today. Read two articles here:

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Register today! This complimentary SSIR Live! program will explore:

  • Business models and funding sources for tech nonprofit startups
  • Barriers to scaling and sustaining tech nonprofits
  • Bright spots and emerging best practices
  • Opportunities for nonprofit startups and their funders to grow and sustain impact
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Join Brittan Heller, Director of the Center for Technology and Society for the Anti-Defamation League, and Kim Meredith, Executive Director, Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society for an armchair conversation on the challenges of combatting online hate speech and bigotry. Heller will discuss her work in Silicon Valley working in partnership with tech companies and law enforcement to ensure justice and fair treatment to all in online environments. Learn more and register. Read More

In Refuge, authors Alexander Betts and Paul Collier call for bold responses to the refugee crisis that treat migrants not as burdens on host societies but rather as assets. Review by Ben Mason. Find more excerpts and book reviews here. Read More

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Led by Stanford MBA faculty from 27 May - 1 June 2018, the program centers on practical business and leadership concepts, integrates conceptual knowledge with participants' own experiences and offers the opportunity to build relationships with a diverse group of nonprofit leaders! Apply by Feb 26.


The 19th Annual Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard gathers top leaders, practitioners, and students on February 10-11, 2018. Our mission is to educate participants about the potential of Social Enterprise in solving the world’s most pressing problems and to inspire meaningful discussion around the key challenges within the field.


Skytop Strategies' CSR 4.0 presents the evolution of corporate responsibility from its initial value paradigm to current form. This will track the growth of CSR sector-wide, examine the multi-dimensional ways CSR programs are implemented within corporations, and present cutting-edge ideas from academics that will shape future CSR as an industry.