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SSIR Now! Apr 27, 2017
By Roger Martin

To lower the risk of big philanthropic bets, funders should start with smaller, bolder ones. Read More

By Jacob Harold

Nonprofit collaboration is difficult; economics, game theory, and behavioral science offer lessons on how to do it well. Part of the new series, Advancing the Art of Collaboration. Read More

By Gemma Mortensen

How to make collaboration work in a world of complex systems and exponential change. Read More

By Helyn Kim & Claire Scoular

To equip today’s students for the future, we need to understand the fundamental building blocks of complex skills, and apply that understanding to teaching practices and assessments. Read More

By Sasha Fisher

How a revitalized sense of civic duty can go beyond resistance and make real progress.
Read More

It’s time to boldly reimagine the high-school experience using the latest neuroscience on the adolescent brain, the power of human-centered design, and purpose learning. Register now for the upcoming webinar, Rebooting the American High School with Neuroscience and Purpose Learning. Read More

In The Fuzzy and the Techie, venture capitalist Scott Hartly argues that the liberal arts are at the heart of the best technology. Find more book excerpts and reviews here. Read More

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