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SSIR Now! Mar 14, 2019
By SSIR Editors

SSIR seeks submissions for a race-focused series that inquires how DEI can be simultaneously global and local. The deadline is March 31, 2019. Read More

“Blah grassroots blah empower blah community blah innovative blah participatory blah stakeholders blah.” Is this what people hear when you share your mission statement? Learn how to clearly define and communicate your mission statement in eight words in today’s program. Read More

By Eliot Brenner

Children and adolescents confront a mental health treatment gap in which many who need help do not get it. Philanthropy can help fill this gap by investing in new models of delivering care. From the Spring 2019 issue. Read More

By Robert K. Ross & Amy Chung

How an intention to address racial equity can influence institutional impact investing strategy. Part of a series presented in partnership with Mission Investors Exchange. Read More

By Donna Bowater

New scholarship on Brazil’s fight for universal health care strikes an optimistic note but is already eclipsed by rapid political change. From the Spring 2019 issue. Read More

By Paula Fabiani & Rhodri Davies

Law No. 13,800, passed in January 2019, regulates the creation and management of philanthropic endowment funds in Brazil. It could be the foundation for reforms that renew philanthropy's role in addressing social ills at a time when the world needs more help than ever. Read More

By David Callahan

The founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy argues in favor of giving that addresses humanity’s most urgent needs. Part of the Spring 2019 issue's Unleashing Philanthropy’s Big Bets for Social Change supplement produced by SSIR for The Bridgespan Group. Read More

By Jinglian Wu

As society looks to the business world to solve the most pressing social and environmental issues, corporations are changing the way they are structured to fulfill their duties and new responsibilities. Part of the Spring 2019 issue's Business for Good in East Asia supplement produced by SSIR for the Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation. Read More

By Phillip Denny & Rachel Dzombak

By taking some simple steps to support women entrepreneurs, accelerator programs like those at the University of California, MIT, and University of San Diego can help reduce notable gender disparities in America's startup landscape. Read More

By Alanna Flores

A reading list featuring gender-focused articles on entrepreneurial spirit, resource accessibility, mental health, and sexual misconduct prevention. Read More

Featuring Darnell Moore, Coya White Hat-Artichoker, Mauricio Lim Miller & Fresco Steez

Leaders working on issues including public health, human rights, and economic development discuss how nonprofits can do better by treating the people they’re trying to help as partners, not patients. Read More

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