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SSIR Now! Oct 19, 2017
By Jennifer Xia and Patrick Schmitt

A demographic wave could soon funnel unprecedented dollars into philanthropy, but few nonprofits are poised to take advantage of the largest wealth transfer in human history. Read More

By Taz Hussein, Matt Plummer, and Bill Breen

Surmounting daunting social challenges can require an “invisible hand” that amplifies the efforts of many other players in the field. These behind-the-scenes catalysts are built to win campaigns, not to last forever, and they are galvanizing population-level change. Read More

By Jen Ford Reedy

At the Bush Foundation, grantmakers use an analytical approach to identify the right people who can make a difference, and supply them with the tools, connections, and inspiration they need.
Read More

By Jyoti Sharma

Seven lessons for walking the tight rope between social welfare and business. Read More

By Sarah Murray

ChildObesity180 is combating the nation’s child obesity epidemic by incubating and promoting the best ideas. Read More

By Melissa Hall Sommer

How a social service organization defined equity and made it a core of its programs for low-income families in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region. Part of Advancing Equity in Communities series. Read More

By Darren Miao

How search funds, a little-known private equity investment vehicle, can become a useful tool for impact investing. Read More

In Creating Research-Practice Partnerships in Education, authors William R. Penuel and Daniel J. Gallagher argue that experienced educators provide guidance for those wishing to create and maintain effective partnerships between researchers and educators. Review by Deborah Stipek. Find more book excerpts and reviews here. Read More

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Taught by Stanford MBA faculty, February 4-9, 2018, the program's curriculum will combine business and leadership concepts, integrate conceptual knowledge based on participants' own experiences, and offer the opportunity to build relationships with other social entrepreneurs! Apply by November 1. 


The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is recruiting two new endowed chairs (open rank): The Melvin Simon Chair in Philanthropy (open field) and The Stead Family Chair in International Philanthropy. Join us to blaze new trails, advance knowledge, and develop useful understandings of philanthropy. Learn more!


This new book identifies seven elements that set high-performance organizations apart from others. Good to Great author Jim Collins calls it "a road map...for turning a good nonprofit into one that can achieve great impact at scale." Buy the book here.