Organizational Development

Finding the Sweet Spot for Innovation Within Government Systems By Sharath Jeevan, Reinier Terwindt, James Townsend & Nithya Gurukumar | 3

Three guiding principles for NGOs looking to find where they best fit within government-run systems and ensure long-term impact.

Social Services

Homeless Shelter Uses Feedback to Help Its Clients Regain Independence

Featuring Our House 1

The Arkansas nonprofit Our House, which provides shelter to homeless families and individuals working to regain their economic independence, has built a culture of continuous feedback with surveys, community councils, and “happy or not” voting terminals. Part of a series produced for SSIR with the support of the Hewlett Foundation.



Housecleaning With Benefits

By Corey Binns

Alia, the new online benefits tool from National Domestic Workers Alliance, helps house cleaners accrue contributions from their clients to purchase insurance and receive paid time off.


Forest Restoration for Fuel

By James Gaines

Supported by the nonprofit U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities, Restoration Fuels will turn wood scraps into a substitute for coal, potentially providing energy, jobs, and even environmental benefits.

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