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Can a Surge in Giving Be Bad News?

By Timothy Ogden

Recent leaps in giving to specific causes in the United States probably don’t represent a net addition to the annual total—which means a lean season for many nonprofits unless foundations step up their game.

Q&A With Rohini Nilekani

By Neera Nundy & Pakzan Dastoor

Two decades of giving have taught philanthropist Rohini Nilekani the value of pursuing unconventional approaches to tackling social problems.

Q&A With Ratan Tata

By Rohit Menezes & Soumitra Pandey

Since becoming chairman of Tata Trusts, Ratan Tata has shifted the trusts’ focus from charitable work to programs that seek to transform lives.

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Ten Nonprofit Funding Models

By William Landes Foster, Peter Kim, & Barbara Christiansen 65

For-profit executives use business models—such as "low-cost provider"—as a shorthand way to describe the way companies are built and sustained. Nonprofit executives have not had an equivalent lexicon—until now.