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SSIR Now! Jan 12, 2017
By Daniel Tomlinson

Solving the problem of rural distribution in the developing world starts with following the time-honored model of local traders. Read More

By Paula Daniels

Borrowing from the renewable energy sector, we can create a better food system by organizing regional governments to create markets for smaller producers and establishing coordinated networks that can amplify best practices. Read More

By Susan Wolf Ditkoff & Alison Kelley

University social impact centers are stretched thin. Rather than do more of everything, the best strategy may be to establish a baseline level of services, and then focus on making significant progress in one distinct area. The conclusion of the The Future of Social Impact Education in Business Schools and Beyond series. Read More

By Aaron Horvath & Walter W. Powell

An excerpt from Philanthropy in Democratic Societies: History, Institutions, Values, edited by Rob Reich, Chiara Cordelli, and Lucy Bernholz. Find more book excerpts and reviews here. Read More

By Valentina Raman & Ross Hall

To make education systems more adaptive, innovative, collaborative, and empathic, we as change leaders must first model these characteristics ourselves. Part of the Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World series. Read More

Register today! This complimentary January 25 webinar will explore opportunities and challenges for independent workers and employers in the emerging "gig economy", and will address potential solutions to the needs of vulnerable independent workers. Read More

Register for Data on Purpose | Do Good Data before it sells out! Join the annual gathering of individuals and organizations using data to revolutionize the social sector: February 7-8, 2017, at Stanford University. Read More

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