It’s been four and a half years, 12 issues, 7,000 subscribers and 21,000 newsletter recipients since I started the Stanford Social Innovation Review... and it’s time for me to move on.  I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish - we’ve exceeded our original subscription projections, got written up in the Economist earlier this year, and now have the strongest editorial team ever with Eric Nee as the new managing editor and Alana Snibbe as the senior editor. 

I’m grateful to everyone on my staff and here at the Stanford Graduate School of Business who have supported this ground breaking magazine.  It’s the first management magazine of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the first Stanford magazine to be sold on newsstands, and the first magazine to explore the intersection of business and the social sector. 

And most importantly, I am grateful to you, all you remarkable, smart and thoughtful readers, who have inspired us, kept us on our toes, pushed our thinking and let us join you in the search for new and better solutions.  I owe you many thanks and probably more than a couple of drinks! 

As for me, I’m starting a new nonprofit that is an offshoot of my learnings here at the Review.  I’m pretty excited about it - it’s is a web service to provide open, bottom-up and democratic tools to enable greater excellence in the nonprofit sector.  You can sign up at if you want to know what we’re going to be launching.

I’ll continue to be a strong supporter of the Review.  (My parting gift to the Review is my check for a 10- year subscription…I did give myself a slight multi-year discount).  And I hope you will too because it’s only going to get better.  In addition to an exciting editorial line-up in the next couple of issues, we are revamping our website so that you’ll get fresh daily content, more info about upcoming events, and be able to ask management experts questions online.

If you want to keep in touch feel free to drop me a line anytime at my personal email address [email protected].  I’m always delighted to hear from you.  😊

Perla Ni
Publisher, Stanford Social Innovation Review (until June 14th)