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Increasing Equity and Inclusion in the Arts

Featuring Tim Seelig, Nayantara Sen, Judith Smith & Sherri Young

Leaders from three San Francisco Bay Area arts organizations discuss how they are shaping both their organizations and their performances to make them more diverse and welcoming to all.

Mitch Landrieu and Andrew Wolk - Social Entrepreneurship in Louisiana

How is New Orleans rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina? In this Stanford Center for Social Innovation sponsored presentation at the Social Enterprise Alliance 2009 Summit, Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu discusses the role of tourism in the city's rehabilitation with Root Cause founder, Andrew Wolk. Landrieu details his work to found the nation's first government-run Office of Social Entrepreneurship, and emphasizes how New Orleans and the entire state are being strengthened by the development of their cultural assets.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Nationality and Nationalism

Social enterprise can both ease the terrible consequences of the insularity inherent in nationalism, and enhance the positive opportunities for social change within established heritage and cultural traditions. In this panel discussion, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, experts consider topics ranging from multiculturalism within countries to cross-national and international cultural challenges and opportunities.

Dan Burden - Environmental Sustainability in Walking Cities

Dan Burden has studied and defined what makes for a pedestrian-friendly community. Even more important, he knows why such places are so valuable for everyone—walkers and drivers alike. In this audio lecture, Burden discusses why walkability is crucial to the sustainability of communities, and what they can do to encourage it.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Conflict Resolution

From investment to football to soap operas to jobs, culture can be a force for good in the world. In this panel discussion sponsored by the Skoll World Forum, experts on social entrepreneurship share their experiences and insights about how to use culture and media as tools for conflict resolution.

Panel Discussion - Green Fashion Design

A growing consciousness of environmental sustainability has taken root in the fashion industry. This new trend, known as "green design," has inspired some top designers to rebrand their products for the environment-savvy consumer and reform their processes to foster environmental preservation. In this panel discussion, experts discuss challenges and new initiatives introduced by the fashion industry in this arena.

David Galenson - Social Entrepreneurs as Long-Horizon Creatives

At what stage in life do innovators make their most significant contributions to social enterprise? In this audio lecture, economist and creativity researcher David Galenson debunks the myth that high achievement is the domain of youth and genius for an audience of social entrepreneurs over the age of 60. Applying lessons learned from lives of artists and leaders, he considers differences in style and time horizons of creative people, emphasizing that social innovation is more about slow burn than flash in the pan.