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Nonprofit Boot Camp is Craigslist Foundation's flagship educational program. The conference educates and empowers the next generation of nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs, connecting them with valuable industry resources, peers and potential supporters.

Boot Camp is planned, produced and promoted as a collaborative effort, with dozens of partners that provide support to nonprofits. Boot Camp is the largest nonprofit gathering of the year in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006, the conference expanded to New York City, and it will expand to other cities over time.

The podcast sessions of Nonprofit Boot Camp bring you recordings of keynote speeches and workshops from the conference's nine educational tracks. To hear about our latest programs and events, sign up for the Craigslist Foundation newsletter.

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Joe Kroll - The ABCs of Tax-Exempt Status

The most popular form of tax-exempt organization is the 501(c)3, which can accept tax-deductible contributions. In this audio lecture recorded at the Nonprofit Boot Camp, Joe Kroll discusses the benefits and responsibilities of 501(c)3 status. He covers situations that may jeopardize it, as well as filing requirements for employees and independent contractors.

John Kenyon - What Nonprofits Must Know About Technology

Managing technology is no longer optional; it is a critical piece of any nonprofit's business plan. In this audio lecture recorded at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, information technology consultant John Kenyon offers guidance on what small and medium-size organizations require to get the most out of their tech investment. Using a work systems framework, Kenyon explores the choices needed to minimize risks and strike the right balance between people, data, and technology.

Panel Discussion - Internet Marketing Strategies

The internet has become an indispensable part of a nonprofit's life. But harnessing the web and email for outreach and fundraising takes agility and experience. This 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp panel discussion of experts shares technological and marketing know-how through case studies to help nonprofit marketing executives plan effective web and communications strategies for their organizations.

Gerald Richards and Dee Dee Nguyen - Diversity in Fundraising

Shifting demographics among donors, fundraisers, and the communities they serve call on nonprofit organizations to think about diversity on many levels. How can you connect with donors who are different from you? How does inclusiveness strengthen your organization? In this audio lecture, gerald Richards and Dee Dee Nguyen explore these questions at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, reflecting on how to reach across the divides of ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation and other differences to strengthen bonds and create new opportunities.

Sojeila Maria Silva - Financial Management 101

The most useful financial statements are those that clearly convey information to their stakeholders in the simplest format possible. In this audio lecture, financial consultant Sojeila Maria Silva shares her wisdom from 18 years of management experience. Speaking at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, she covers different approaches to financial management, what finance and budgets entail in real terms, and how to analyze most commonly used financial statements.

Heather Carpenter and Jennifer Chien - Improve Your Nonprofit Operations

In this audio lecture, Heather Carpenter and Jennifer Chien offer a wealth of practical advice and concrete steps to establish basic organizational procedures and best practices for young nonprofits. Speaking at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, they map out the tasks in key areas such as insurance, human resources, finances, fundraising, and board relations to help executives in start-up nonprofits strengthen and simplify operations, freeing up valuable time to focus on the programs they care about.

Panel Discussion - Fostering Effective Nonprofit-Corporate Relations

Nonprofits and corporations can achieve their goals by working together. In this panel discussion, 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp panelists describe the various forms of partnerships between nonprofit and for-profit organizations, their benefits, and their pitfalls. They talk about how to start and develop successful partnerships from the perspective of people who have sat on both sides of the table.

Kevin Danaher - Get Out of Your Silos

To be effective, nonprofits cannot operate in isolation, but must engage with other organizations across the various sectors. Talking at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, Kevin Danaher delivers an energizing call for the next generation of leaders to make connections with business, government, nongovernmental organizations—and even the wisdom of nature itself in their quest to transform the world.

Jan Masaoka - Your Career Path to Nonprofit Leadership

In this audio lecture, Nonprofit Executive of the Year Jan Masaoka shares practical advice on how to start and develop a career in the nonprofit sector. Speaking at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp, she answers questions on which degrees to pursue, how to write a resume, and how to prepare for an interview. She also addresses how to make your own job description, why volunteering matters, what compensation to expect, which fields are getting the funds, whether to start your own organization, and how to grow into leadership roles.

Pamela Hawley - The Social Entrepreneurship Landscape

When approaching funders and volunteers you must "come from a space of opportunity and not from a space of need," argues Pamela Hawley at the 2007 Nonprofit Boot Camp. In this audio lecture, drawing from her experience with UniversalGiving and VolunteerMatch, Hawley describes what it takes to create a successful social entrepreneurship organization.