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Host Karl Matzke

Karl Matzke is an experienced first responder and management consultant. He interviews the heros of disaster response who may operate from a number of unexpected outposts. His guests are from NGOs, business, academia, and civil society. They respond as part of very organized multinational organizations or simply spontaneous self-organized initiatives.

This series is an initiative of the Center for Social Innovation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is sponsored by The Partnership for Disaster Response, an initiative of Business Roundtable to expand corporate commitment, beyond financial contributions, to enhance and accelerate on-the-ground relief and recovery following major disasters in the United States and abroad. Business Roundtable created The Partnership for Disaster Responsefollowing the Asian tsunami in 2004. Although Business Roundtable companies contributed generously to the relief efforts, better coordination would have led to a more efficient and effective response. The Partnership for Disaster Response was first activated after Hurricane Katrina.

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Jeannie Stamberger of the Disaster Management Institute at Carnegie Mellon University on using social media to foster social responsibility

Crowd-Sourcing Disaster Relief

Featuring Jeannie Stamberger

Jeannie Stamberger discuss how to write retweetable messages, how to separate legitimate helpers from posers and how to use social media to prevent loss of life.

FEMA administrator Craig Fugate on environmental disaster recovery and corporate responsibility

National Preparedness Month

Featuring Craig Fugate

For a community to maintain a healthy recovery, FEMA administrator Craig Fugate asserts that private and public groups must work collaboratively to help stabilize an environment after disaster.

The Role of Business in Disaster Response

Featuring Michael Dan

The Business Roundtable’s Partnership for Disaster Response has fostered cross-sector and public-private partnerships to help communities in crisis following large-scale disasters.

Disaster Relief ; How Can Business Help?

Featuring Joe Becker 1

Joe Becker, the Senior Vice President of Disaster Services at the American Red Cross, who explains how partnerships with businesses can bring resiliency back to a community after disaster &#8212.

Michael Dan - Responding to H1N1

The issue of the H1N1 influenza pandemic remains a hot topic internationally as confirmed cases are reported daily and concerns about access to the H1N1 vaccine increase. In this audio interview from the Business Roundtable's Partnership for Disaster Response, Executive Director Larry Burton talks with The Brink's Company Chairman, President and CEO and Partnership Chairman Michael Dan. The two discuss the Partnership's recent responses to the H1N1 influenza pandemic.

Neal Denton - Nonprofit Collaborations in Disaster Response

Nonprofit management faces one of its biggest challenges in the arena of disaster relief. In this audio interview, Neal Denton, senior VP of government relations and strategic partnerships at the American Red Cross discusses the value of his organization's relationship to the Partnership for Disaster Response. He discusses plans for strengthening this relationship and the role of the private sector in disaster response.

Thomas Lehner - Putting Business to Work in Disaster Relief

When huge disasters like Hurricane Katrina strike, who better to help out than the companies that provide many of the goods and services that relief agencies depend on? In this audio interview, Eric Nee, co-host of Social Innovation Conversations, converses with Tom Lehner, manager of the Partnership for Disaster Response, on how business has been providing an organized response to some of the most disruptive natural catastrophes occurring around the world over the past four years.