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Bridging the Climate Change Investment Gap

Featuring Sarah Kearney & Scott Burger

Investments in discovering and developing new solutions to address climate change are woefully low and have even been falling. Sarah Kearney and Scott Burger discuss how can philanthropists help.

Mobile Technology for Healthcare

Featuring Eric Dishman

Eric Dishman, director of health innovation at Intel, asserts that mobile technologies can create sustainable healthcare for all.

Capital for Early Stage Innovation

Featuring a Global Health Speaker Series panel

Representatives from various investment firms explain the medical innovation funding landscape, and advise early stage innovators with creative ways to navigate these complexities.

 Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, on opportunities for social enterprise in Africa.

Investing in Africa

Featuring Thomas Barry 1

Thomas Barry, founder of the Zephyr Management investment firm, discusses widespread opportunities for private equity investment in Africa.

Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners on socially responsible companies and investments in Africa.

Private Equity in Africa

Featuring Thomas Gibian 1

Thomas Gibian, Chairman of Emerging Capital Partners, discusses the success of his organization in investing in companies across the African continent through seven funds.

Martin Eakes - Responsible Investing in Community Banking - Thumbnail

Martin Eakes - Responsible Investing in Community Banking

Responsible investing begins in local, underserved communities. In this education podcast, CEO Martin Eakes talks about how his organization, Self-Help, has provided almost $6 billion in financing to more than 60,000 homebuyers, small businesses, and nonprofits, and how it is serving thousands of low-income families through retail credit union branches. Eakes' presentation is an inspiring rallying cry for redirecting resources to those who can benefit the most. His talk is part of a discussion sponsored by the Center for Social Innovation.

Randy Komisar - Online Capital Markets for Philanthropy

How do we create an efficient capital market for philanthropy? What are the best ways to marry program evaluation with powerful dynamics among online giving places? What role should public policy take in all this? In this free-ranging audio lecture, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, Randy Komisar offers a venture capitalist's perspective on these questions and more.

Pamela Hartigan - The Power of Unreasonable People

Why are social entrepreneurs sometimes considered "unreasonable," and how are they different from business entrepreneurs? In this audio interview, author Pamela Hartigan discusses with Design for Change host Sheela Sethuraman how these pesky pioneers are creating markets that are changing the world. She also talks about Volans Ventures, her new enterprise dedicated to integrating the worlds of social and environmental innovation with business-driven wealth creation.

Charles Handy - The New Philanthropists

In Britain, something is happening that hasn't for 100 years. More people are becoming incredibly wealthy, not only through inheritance, but also because of their own hard work. A phenomenon on this scale has not happened since the Victorian industrialists. In this audio lecture, Philosopher Charles Handy tells his 2007 Skoll World Forum audience about entrepreneurs who put their energies into meeting some perceived social need—something that government never gets around to and that private enterprise typically doesn't see a market for.