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The Skoll World Forum aims to help define social innovation, raise its profile and encourage debate about its importance and practice. It addresses social innovation at a systemic and organizational level, as well as practically to explore what it means for social entrepreneurs, funders and policymakers.

In 2007 the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship attracted nearly 700 social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, policy makers, corporate representatives, financiers, philanthropists and students from more than 40 countries.

The Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship is produced by the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford SAID Business School in partnership with the Skoll Foundation.

Programs form the last conference coming soon. Please stay tuned.

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Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Nationality and Nationalism

Social enterprise can both ease the terrible consequences of the insularity inherent in nationalism, and enhance the positive opportunities for social change within established heritage and cultural traditions. In this panel discussion, sponsored by the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, experts consider topics ranging from multiculturalism within countries to cross-national and international cultural challenges and opportunities.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Replication and Scale

How can an innovative player in social entrepreneurship enable her exciting new idea to fulfill her dream of changing the world? This panel discussion of successful innovators examines the challenges of replicating and scaling ideas into massive realities of social change. Experts share their varied experience in identifying the important considerations that can grow a successful neighborhood social program into a global social venture.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Financing the Growth of Operations

Financing the growth of operations to achieve major scale is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing social entrepreneurship. This panel discussion explores the current challenges and constraints in mobilizing capital flow to compelling social enterprises. Experts cover a range of strategies and channels available to social entrepreneurs for financing growth plans, including emerging alternatives to create new asset classes (hybrid, for-profit, and for-benefit models).

Douglas Holt - Marketing for Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship efforts need marketing as much as any business enterprise. In this audio lecture, Oxford business professor Douglas Holt asserts that there is a systematic way to learn from the marketing success of companies such as Apple, Harley Davidson, and Coca-Cola.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Conflict Resolution

From investment to football to soap operas to jobs, culture can be a force for good in the world. In this panel discussion sponsored by the Skoll World Forum, experts on social entrepreneurship share their experiences and insights about how to use culture and media as tools for conflict resolution.

Carter Roberts - Environmental Challenges and Profit Opportunities

Companies that think about the environment as a social responsibility rather than a business imperative are living in the dark ages, says Carter Roberts, president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund. In this Stanford Center for Social Innovation audio lecture, Roberts underscores solid business reasons why sustainability is no longer just a nice thing to do, how conservation protects business, and how his organization is addressing the economics, science, and politics of conservation around the world.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Human Capital and Talent

Over the last decade, social entrepreneurship has exploded on the international scene, with corresponding interest in setting up funds to support social ventures. While a whole spectrum of services exists to support the financial industry, the same isn't true of the nonprofit sector. In this panel discussion, experts talk about the need for addressing the talent gap in nonprofit managemnt along with ways to lure talented youngsters to bridge this gap.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Assessing Impact

In considering the effectiveness of your social enterprise, are you making a difference? Do you add value to your constituents' lives? Are you as effective as possible per dollar output? In this panel discussion at the 2008 Skoll World Forum, talented experts talk about the challenges of social enterprises and how metrics can impact organizational learning and innovation, and lead the more effective use of resources.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Hybrid Business Models

How do you use for-profit activities to fund your social entrepreneurship mission? In this panel discussion at the Skoll World Forum, experts talk about how to combine for- and nonprofit activities for greatest effect. They show that business and nonprofit can mix, drawing on examples such as efforts to profitably provide water to poor villagers by training street children to run businesses, and franchising medical care to creating a transparent market place for handmade goods.

Panel Discussion - Skoll World Forum: Empathy and Ethics

Technology has increased the flow of information and made our decision-making more transparent. In this panel discussion on empathy and ethics, Bill Drayton, Mary Gordon, Keith Hammonds, Kirk Hanson, and Jill Vialet consider how empathetic ethics has to begin with individuals and can only then move into the organizations we lead and the societies we serve.