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Stanford Center for Social Innovation correspondant Sheela Sethuraman interviews the winners of The Tech Awards: outstanding individuals recognized for their commitment to developing technology that benefits humanity and initiates global change.

The Tech Awards presented by Applied Materials is a signature program of The Tech Museum in association with the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Santa Clara University. Every year individuals are selected out of over 1,000 nominations sent from all over the world. Laureates are divided into six categories: Environment, Education, Young Innovator, Health, Economic Development, and Sustainable Energy. There are 2 Laureates selected for each category. At the annual gala, all 12 Laureates are honored and in each category one will be awarded an unrestricted cash prize of $75,000 and one awarded an unrestricted cash prize of $25,000

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Teaching with Interactive Simulations

Featuring Katherine Perkins

Katherine Perkins discusses what differentiates Physics Education Technology (PhET), and the range of students that have benefited.


Mobile and Branchless Banking

Featuring Abhishek Sinha

In this audio interview, Sheela Sethuraman speaks with one of branchless banking’s greatest proponents and the co-founder of Eko India Financial Services, Abhishek Sinha.

Solar Power in a Suitcase

Featuring Laura Stachel & Hal Aronson

In this audio interview, Sheela Sethuraman talks with Laura Stachel and Hal Aronson, co-founders of WE CARE Solar, about their effort to combat this issue worldwide. WE CARE stands for Women’s Emergency Communication and Reliable Electricity.

Sustainable Water Treatment

Featuring Daniel Smith

How can a young nonprofit organization make a tangible improvement in people’s health through clean water using only the power of gravity?

Leveraging Online Collaboration

Featuring Dean Jansen

What happens when you leverage the power of internet volunteerism in much the same way as Wikipedia, but with the intention of translating and subtitling videos?

Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, on social entrepreneurship

The Peer Water Exchange: A Platform for Change

Featuring Rajesh Shah

Rajesh Shah, a 2010 Tech Award winner, shares his social entrepreneurship model that leverages technology, new media, and peer interaction to solve the water crisis.

Alexis Belonio on clean energy and social entrepreneurship

Local Clean Energy for All

Featuring Alexis Belonio

Alexis Belonio has accomplished the seemingly impossible and developed a clean burning cooking stove and continuous-flow industrial flow burner.

 A Single Drop for Safe Water Executive Director Kevin Lee on social entrepreneurship and global health

Safe Water in Communities

Featuring Kevin Lee

A Single Drop for Safe Water Executive Director Kevin Lee, a 2010 Tech Award winner, describes ASDSW’s work in the Philippines and beyond.