ENOVA was recently recognized as the winner of Tech Awards 2013 in the Education category for its incredible social impact. In this interview with Co-Founder Jorge Camil Starr, we learn more about ENOVA’s journey as a nonprofit venture. Through this podcast, Jorge describes ENOVA’s beginnings and the success this social enterprise has had in closing education gaps of low-income Mexican communities. He discusses his logistical methods for measuring impact, his goals for the scaling and achievement of the nonprofit, and challenges ENOVA has faced in accomplishing its mission. Jorge also speaks about his personal experience as an entrepreneur, including lessons he has learned and advice he has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jorge Camil Starr is in charge of the development of domestic and international strategic alliances in the public, private and civil society sectors. For 11 years Jorge worked extensively in developing Mexico’s technology sector, having founded PLC Networks an innovative BPL (Broadband Over Powerline) start-up pioneering data, voice and video transmissions and also co-created LT Solutions a company dedicated to selling Thin clients. He holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Pepperdine University.