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Nonprofits & NGOs

Strategic Concepts That Truly Matter for Nonprofits

This SSIR Live! program will explore:               

  • A critical understanding of how concepts that emerge from business strategy can and should inform the work of social sector organizations
  • Tools for analyzing the market forces that help determine success or failure in the seemingly non-competitive environment in which nonprofits operate
  • An appreciation of real-world examples of nonprofits that have learned the value of leveraging key strategic concepts
  • Inspiration to apply strategic principles to generate impact

You don’t need an MBA to be a great nonprofit or social enterprise leader. But every MBA student learns certain concepts that are also valuable for leaders in the social sector. Just because you lead or work with an organization that pursues goals other than profit doesn’t mean that you can ignore market forces. Nor does it mean that you can avoid the need to apply rigorous strategic analysis to the programs that you develop to achieve your mission.

In this SSIR Live! webinar, Bill Meehan and Kim Jonker will explore key ideas and tools from business management that will enable nonprofit leaders to pursue their work more strategically. Meehan and Jonker will not argue that social sector leaders need to run their organizations “just like a business.” On the contrary, they will show how nonprofits and social enterprises differ from for-profit companies in crucial ways.

The webinar will also meet the needs of leaders who seek a “refresher course” in essential strategic concepts that apply to the social sector. The webinar will guide attendees through these important topics:

  • The role of strategy: Do you understand how strategy in the social sector is similar to—and how it is different from—strategy in the business sector?
  • Theory of change: Do you have a clear, rigorous, evidence-based model for translating your organizational mission into a specific plan of action?
  • The six-forces model: How can you systematically assess the challenges and opportunities presented by other actors in your field?
  • Core competencies: What are the distinctive skills and capabilities of your organization, and do they align with the programs that you are committed to pursuing?
  • Strategic planning processes: How can your organization ensure that its strategic planning process integrates your internal and external stakeholders while overcoming the distinctive challenges that nonprofits face?

  Expert Speakers:
William F. Meehan III is the Lafayette Partners Lecturer in Strategic Management at Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a director emeritus of McKinsey & Company.
Kim Starkey Jonker is president and CEO of King Philanthropies and a lecturer in management at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  Interactive Program:
You’re encouraged to ask the speakers questions during the webinar. You are also welcome to join the LinkedIn group where the presenters will be answering additional questions after the webinar broadcast.

Who Should Attend?
This webinar is designed for social sector leaders who need to understand how to uniquely position their organization within a complex ecosystem that typically includes donors, beneficiaries, competing or collaborating organizations, and other important stakeholders.

  Reading Resource: In preparation for this webinar, we invite you to read an excerpt from Engine of Impact: Essentials of Strategic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector, a book recently published by Meehan and Jonker.

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Price for this webinar: $59
This price includes access to the live interactive webinar and unlimited access to the recorded webinar video and downloadable slides for 12 months.


  • Lafayette Partners Lecturer in Strategic Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • President & Chief Executive Officer, King Philanthropies
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review