We had fun with our Nonprofit Management Institute page last week where we solicited haikus about nonprofits.  The poems posted ranged from symbolic to quirky and we found ourselves checking back frequently to see what new people were writing.

Realizing that we are neither haiku poets nor literary professionals, the task of choosing just five to feature became too difficult.  So below, we have listed one from every Facebook user who posted to our page.  Thank you all for taking the time to pen a few syllables about what makes nonprofits great!

Fabio Lotteri:
Haiku of unexpected – Reflection 3
As growing tree feeding my roots on communities help
In human being innovation and understanding Spirit is
Dreams come true leaving the ego in the Global Village dawn as Sakura snowfall first time child eyes surprising imagination
*Sakura = cherry tree, Hanami = observing, admiring the flower blossoming

Christelle Aroule:
Numerous causes
And limited resources
But lasting changes

Susan Rasfeld Yackley:
No profit motive,
So, use heart and hands to help,
Hope everlasting!

Kim Kuulei Birnie:
Data justifies
Smarts and passion make it work
Funding always helps!

Lily Price: Challenging, forging ahead
Never giving up your hopes
You are a light house.

Forest Book:
catastrophe commands
our being hearted
complete presence able

Geri Stengel:
Calling Nonprofits:
Social Media Survey
Helps All. Pass On – Shared.

Navneet Singh Narula:
The World’s a Chaos
Just Lend Me Volunteers
Hope and Peace Prevails

Crystal C. Yan:
Change over profit
Success measured in smiles
Different dividends

Evangelina Guerra:
Autumn kisses wisdom.
Beautiful playful plans.
The earth profit.

Jen Whalen:
It is tough out there
The world is different now
Signing up to learn!

Tamara Straus:
It’s sure not easy
Running NGOs today
So sign up, don’t wait


Check out our Facebook page for a few more haikus and other great information about the Nonprofit Management Institute.  October 5th and 6th nonprofit leaders will be coming together at Stanford Business School and sharing more than just a few lines about their experiences.