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Talks from SSIR's conferences on using data to tell meaningful stories and enact social change.

For more information, read about our 2015 and 2016 Data on Purpose conferences and our 2017 Do Good Data | Data on Purpose conference.

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Unlocking Data and Unleashing Its Potential

Featuring Jake Porway, Melinda Rolfs, John Wilbanks, Greg Bloom, & ST Mayer

Many valuable datasets remain locked away or siloed across different organizations and sectors. This panel from our February data conference looks how we can collaborate better on data projects.

Prediction vs. Bias in Data: A Debate

Featuring Kristian Lum, Candace Thille, Lucy Bernholz, & Andrew Means

Is it possible to use data to make predictions without enforcing existing biases?

Practice Safe Stats! A PSA

Featuring Jake Porway 1

Listen to Jake Porway, founder and executive director of DataKind, talk about how to “practice safe stats”—that is, how to create data visualizations that are both accurate and inspiring.

Whose Story Are We Telling?

Featuring Andrew Means

Andrew Means, cofounder of The Impact Lab, talks about how to get storytelling and data to work together, rather than against each other.