Social Innovation Discussions - Podcasts


Coming from a variety of horizons and backgrounds corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, foundation leaders, individual philanthropists, and policy makers share their experience and thoughts at Stanford events.

They work in the field of environmental sustainability, international development, healthcare, poverty alleviation, energy, environment, and aspire to solve the world’s toughest problems.

This university podcast featuring audio lectures, panel discussions, and audio interviews is produced by the Center for Social Innovation at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Connection Technology to Save Lives

Featuring Ridwan Djamaluddin

Ridwan Djamaluddin speaks on how Indonesia is using technology to deal with climate threats and implementing early warning systems to save lives.

Using Social Media for Social Good

Featuring Jennifer Aaker

Stanford business professor Jennifer Aaker discusses how social media can do more than just provide entertainment—it can also prolong or save lives.

Mobile Technology for Healthcare

Featuring Eric Dishman

Eric Dishman, director of health innovation at Intel, asserts that mobile technologies can create sustainable healthcare for all.


Promoting Health Through Weight Loss

Featuring Leslie John

Harvard business professor Leslie John reports on studies providing financial and social incentives to get people to lose weight.