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Innovations in environmental and social behavior that enable organizations and society to operate for the long term

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Social Innovations

Q&A: Fred Krupp

By Eric Nee 2

Under Fred Krupp’s leadership, the Environmental Defense Fund has become one of the most important power brokers in the environmental arena. Krupp has helped accomplish what some thought was impossible—getting businesses to go green voluntarily.

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Social Innovations

Shades of Green

By Andrew J. Hoffman 3

Social networking tools reveal that there is an intricate web of relationships between business and environmentalists, which if developed could benefit the environmental movement.


Craig Venter - Genetics and Environmental Sustainability

Can environmental sustainability be supported by genetics? In this audio interview, Craig Venter, a pioneer in genetic research, discusses some of his key discoveries that are advancing the state of science in genomics and synthetic life. He shares how, in his current work on DNA programming and building synthetic organisms, he is using the building blocks of life to approach society's most pressing problems such as energy and food.

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Social Innovations

Offsetting Green Guilt

By Matthew J. Kotchen 6

Voluntary carbon offsets allow people to invest in projects that allegedly counteract their greenhouse gas emissions. But can voluntary offsets help slow global warming? Or are offsets a way for consumers to buy their way out of bad feelings?

Social Innovations

Selling vs. Selling Out

By Kevin Jones 1

The author warns that selling a company or organization should not mean selling out, as social missions will prove to contribute to long-term success.

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Social Innovations

Cultivating the Green Consumer

By Sheila Bonini & Jeremy Oppenheim 13

Consumers say they want to buy ecologically friendly products and reduce their impact on the environment. But when they get to the cash register, their Earth-minded sentiments die on the vine. Although individual quirks underlie some of this hypocrisy, businesses can do a lot more to help would-be green consumers turn their talk into walk.