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Innovations in environmental and social behavior that enable organizations and society to operate for the long term

Second Chances and a Third Bottom Line - Thumbnail

Second Chances and a Third Bottom Line

By Tyche Hendricks

Recycla Chile, Latin America’s first e-waste recycling company, reclaims value from discarded electronics and marginalized people.

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Social Innovations

Endowment for a Rainy Day

By Burton A. Weisbrod & Evelyn D. Asch 5

To prepare for future financial downturns, nonprofits should treat endowments as rainy day funds, not cut programs to preserve the endowment.


Research: Shareholders Nudge Companies

By Alana Conner

What happens when large companies receive resolutions from their shareholders pressing them to take better care of the environment?

Design Thinking for Social Innovation - Thumbnail

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

By Tim Brown & Jocelyn Wyatt 33

Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the look and functionality of products. Recently, they have begun using design techniques to tackle more complex problems, such as finding ways to provide low-cost healthcare throughout the world.

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Social Innovations

Q&A: Fred Krupp

By Eric Nee 2

Under Fred Krupp’s leadership, the Environmental Defense Fund has become one of the most important power brokers in the environmental arena. Krupp has helped accomplish what some thought was impossible—getting businesses to go green voluntarily.

Shades of Green - Thumbnail
Social Innovations

Shades of Green

By Andrew J. Hoffman 3

Social networking tools reveal that there is an intricate web of relationships between business and environmentalists, which if developed could benefit the environmental movement.


Craig Venter - Genetics and Environmental Sustainability

Can environmental sustainability be supported by genetics? In this audio interview, Craig Venter, a pioneer in genetic research, discusses some of his key discoveries that are advancing the state of science in genomics and synthetic life. He shares how, in his current work on DNA programming and building synthetic organisms, he is using the building blocks of life to approach society's most pressing problems such as energy and food.