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Law Without Lawyers

Law Without Lawyers

By Corey Binns

Timap for Justice trains ordinary citizens to provide legal assistance in a country—Sierra Leone—where legal professionals are scarce.

A Spark for Good Art - Thumbnail

A Spark for Good Art

By Suzie Boss 1

During its first 10 years, Creative Capital has pumped $14 million into 324 projects from a range of artistic disciplines. But Creative Capital doesn’t just fund projects, it builds careers.

The Wrong Risks - Thumbnail

The Wrong Risks

By Sheela Patel 1

By paying so much attention to managing their own risks, philanthropists are no longer attending to the marginalized people who risk so much to make change happen.

Q&A: Jeff Raikes - Thumbnail

Q&A: Jeff Raikes

By Eric Nee 4

Jeff Raikes takes over the Gates Foundation at a turbulent time when philanthropic resources are down and social needs are up.

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