How Nonprofits Can Attract Corporate Funding: What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

Presented by:

Anuja Khemka, Philanthropy Consultant
Keith Timko, Executive Director, Support Center
Wendy Hawkins, Former Executive Director, Intel Foundation

Moderated by: 

Michael Slind
, Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Time: 11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon PST, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. EST

Most nonprofits have figured out how to raise money from individual donors, family funds, and even private foundations. But relatively few nonprofits have figured out how to attract funding from corporations. This webinar will take you inside the business boardroom and help you unlock the world of corporate philanthropy.

What motivates a corporation to fund one proposal over the other hundreds or thousands it receives? What distinguishes one nonprofit from another, especially those that share similar missions? How can a nonprofit stand out to corporate funders? 

This webinar is for nonprofit and social enterprise executives who are interested in learning how to best position their organizations as investment opportunities for corporate philanthropy.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Sharing a vision: How to identify a company’s philanthropic goals and understand whether its goals match your own
  • Building a case: How to best position your work, your vision, and your strategy to attract corporate funding 
  • Sharpening communications: How to talk about your impact in a way that forges deep a connection with corporate funders
  • Building relationships: How to leverage your board and leadership team to rally for you

Anuja Khemka will lead the discussion. She brings over ten years of experience in corporate philanthropy at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. Khemka will be joined by Keith Timko, executive director for the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, an organization that has raised significant amounts of corporate funding, and Wendy Hawkins, who led Intel’s corporate philanthropy for 25 years.

Price for this webinar: $55. This price includes access to the live webinar; unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months at your convenience; and downloadable slides.

Speaker Bios

Anuja Khemka, Philanthropy Consultant with 10+ years of experience at JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs Foundation. 

Anuja Khemka has 14 years of experience working in the corporate sector, focusing on corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, thought leadership and fundraising (private equity). Most recently, Khemka was a vice president at the JPMorgan Chase Global Philanthropy group focusing on business management, strategy, communication, and developing board presentations. A large part of her work involved creating winning proposals for nonprofits that would be placed before the JPMorgan Chase board for approval. Previously, Khemka was a program officer at the Goldman Sachs Foundation working on program development and planning, due diligence and evaluation, and reputation enhancements and branding. She was responsible for creating and presenting materials showcasing Goldman Sachs Foundation’s investments and impact on C-suite leaders across the firm. Khemka was a management fellow at Columbia University and received her master’s in social enterprise administration. She completed her undergraduate studies at Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in business economics. Her work in philanthropy has been featured in The Huffington Post and The New York Times.

Keith Timko, Executive Director, Support Center

Keith Timko is the executive director at the Support Center|Partnership in Philanthropy (“Support Center”) which is dedicated to improving our society by increasing the effectiveness of nonprofit leaders and their organizations. Prior to joining the Support Center, TImko was the Director & CEO with Build with Purpose, a nonprofit real estate development organization with a mission of building healthy, vibrant communities. Timko brings over twenty years of experience in community development including: involvement in educational reform issues with The Center for Collaborative Education in New York City; experience in leadership development and management programs as the former President of the Leader to Leader Institute (formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation); and exposure to policy and community development approaches across the country during his time with Living Cities: The National Community Development Initiative. Timko has a bachelor’s degree in history and Russian from Rutgers University and a master’s in business administration from Columbia University.  Timko currently serves as the treasurer for the Board of the Center for Nonprofits (NJ) and the advisory board for the National New Markets Fund and “Letters from Within,” an international film project focused on volunteerism and cultural immersion.

Wendy Ramage Hawkins, Former Executive Director, Intel Foundation

Wendy Hawkins retired in 2015 after 25 years leading corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility for Intel.  Most recently she served as the executive director of the Intel Foundation. The Intel Foundation invested more than $40M annually in STEM education, opportunities for girls, women and under-represented minorities, and helping Intel’s employees support education, their communities, and disaster response. Hawkins developed and managed numerous education programs, including Intel® Teach, a global teacher professional development initiative which reached more than 10 million teachers worldwide.  Wendy was also responsible for the Intel Science Talent Search and the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.  Wendy has been a leader nationally and globally in the fields of corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.  Since retiring from Intel she has served as a coach and consultant to individuals, foundations, corporations, NGOs and a variety of other grant-making and grant-seeking organizations. Wendy has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Stanford University.

Michael Slind, Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Michael Slind is senior editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review. He has extensive experience as a writer, editor, and publishing professional. Slind is coauthor, with Boris Groysberg, of Talk, Inc.: How Trusted Leaders Use Conversation to Power Their Organizations (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012). Previously, he worked at Harvard Business School, where he wrote widely used case studies on corporate strategy and entrepreneurial management. Earlier in his career, he served as managing editor and as a senior editor at Fast Company magazine.