In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How nonprofit leaders can best position their organizations for a big bet
  • How philanthropists identify the right types of bets for their aspirations
  • The 10 types of big bets made by philanthropists
  • Keys to success for the various types of big bets

The world is rich in problems to address, but poor in pathways to do so. For social innovators who need to fund ongoing operations, scale up their programs, and build endowments, finding funders that understand both the problem the organization is addressing and how to fund impact makes all the difference. While most nonprofit organizations have figured out how to identify donors, relatively few nonprofits have figured out how to attract donors willing to make “big bets” (gifts of $10 million or more).

This webinar will feature a candid and in-depth discussion between a major donor and a nonprofit organization that received a big bet, offering insight on how the donor identified the grantee as an entity that could maximize its impact, how they determined that this nonprofit would be a good risk, and how the nonprofit made itself “big bettable.” The conversation is aimed at nonprofit and social enterprise executives who want to learn how to best position their organizations as philanthropic investment opportunities, and for philanthropists who want insight on which organizations to bet on and the best model of giving to achieve their goals.

William Foster, a partner and head of consulting at The Bridgespan Group will lead the discussion. William will be joined by Chuck Harris, managing director and chief operating officer of Blue Meridian Partners, and Mark Edwards, co-founder of Upstream, who received a big bet from Blue Meridian Partners recently. The panel will be moderated by Eric Nee, managing editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review. We will study this case closely to understand how Upstream became shovel-ready and how they are making use of the dollars to scale impact.

We invite you to read a related article by panelist William Foster in preparation for this webinar.

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  • Partner & Head of Consulting Practice, The Bridgespan Group
  • Co-Founder, Upstream USA
  • Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, Blue Meridian Partners
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
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