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The Best Moments to Merge for Nonprofit Success

This SSIR Live! program will explore:               

  • How your organization’s efforts could potentially be accelerated and amplified through mergers and other types of formal collaborations with other organizations—what’s most common and what has shown to be most successful.
  • Moments like scheduled strategy and planning projects, significant shifts in your internal or external operating environment, leadership transitions, and program entry or exit that can create natural opportunities to consider the possibility of merging
  • Research data and a case study of two organizations that successfully seized the “moment to merge”

Sometimes in our efforts to serve our organization, we can become singularly focused on our own success or survival, and lose sight of how our work fits into the bigger picture—how it is impacted by the work of others, how our programs and goals overlap or intersect with that of other groups, how we might be limited by current resources, programs, or scale, and most important, how our efforts could be accelerated and amplified by partnering or merging.

There are half a dozen moments in the life cycle of any nonprofit organization that create natural opportunities to discuss the possibilities of organizational restructuring, strategic alliances, or even outright mergers. Rather than viewing these moments as a sign of weakness, one should view them as an opportunity to advance your organization’s mission. This SSIR Live! webinar will help you reflect on where your organization is today, where it’s headed, and how a restructuring, strategic alliance, or merger could help make your organization more effective. We will share nonprofit market data, explore several case studies, and hear from a nonprofit that seized upon a “moment to merge.”

This program will:

  • Present data produced by Bridgespan on the incidence and success rates of different mergers and other partnerships across a spectrum of nonprofit collaboration.
  • Introduce a framework to identify moments in an organization’s life cycle when considering formal collaborations can be highly strategic (as highlighted by The Power of Possibility campaign) spearheaded by BoardSource, in collaboration with Bridgespan and others.
  • Share real-life case studies of two organizations, One Hen and America SCORES, that seized the “moment to merge.”

Program Features:

  Expert Speakers:
Anne Wallestad serves as president and CEO of BoardSource, a globally-recognized nonprofit focused on strengthening nonprofit leadership at the highest level—the board of directors.
Katie Smith Milway is an independent consultant with a background in journalism, nonprofit management, board work, and strategy consulting. She is a senior advisor to The Bridgespan Group, where for a decade she served as partner and head of the firm’s knowledge practice.
John Maconga is the chair of the America SCORES National Leadership Council and executive director of Boston Scores.

  Interactive Session:
This webinar will be conducted as a lively, interactive program. You’re encouraged to ask the speakers questions during the webinar to explore this topic further. You are also welcome to join the LinkedIn group where presenters will answering additional questions after the webinar broadcast.

  Real-world Examples:
Each point will be illustrated with research insights and real-world examples. Join us for this thought-provoking conversation about how restructuring, strategic alliances, and mergers can open up new possibilities to achieve impact. 

Who Should Attend?
This session will be valuable for anyone who leads a nonprofit organization, whether as a board or a staff member.

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Price for this webinar: $59
This price includes access to the live interactive webinar, unlimited access to the recorded webinar video and downloadable slides for twelve months.


  • CEO,
  • Milway Consulting & Senior Advisor,
    The Bridgespan Group
  • Chair of America SCORES National Leadership Council & ED, Boston Scores
  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review