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The Network Leader Roadmap Part 2

2 of 2 This webinar is the second in a two-part series, The New Network Leader Series

This webinar will:

  • Explain how networks can enable public, private, and social sector leaders to achieve impact with greater agility while utilizing existing resources
  • Provide practical techniques, exercises, and convening designs that lead groups to rapidly build a capacity for finding common ground and collaborate more effectively together
  • Introduce paths for identifying shared values and a shared purpose across diverse actors
  • Detail a clear roadmap for launching and sustaining networks that can drive innovation and impact both within organizations and across systems

The most daunting social and environmental challenges of our day can’t be solved through individual action, no matter how heroic. What does it really take to catalyze diverse groups of people, within organizations or across sectors, to build trust, take action, and work together to achieve uncommon results? This webinar is for organizational and network leaders who recognize that real progress requires collaborative approaches involving multiple actors and resources across departments, organizations, and sectors. This webinar is also for leaders seeking new insights into how to build trust, lead authentic conversations, and catalyze generous collaboration across teams, organizations, and networks.


  • Moderator
    Senior Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • Senior Associate, Interaction Institute for Social Change
  • Cofounder and CEO, Dreams InDeed
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