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Organizational Development

Using Communications to Create a Winning Campaign Part 3

2 of 2 This webinar is the second in a two-part series, Turning Your Mission Into Action: Three Core Components of Strategic Communications

In this webinar, Eric Brown of Brownbridge Strategies will discuss the most important elements of creating a winning campaign, including:

  • Setting clear campaign objectives
  • Identifying and defining an audience and decision makers
  • Developing messages supported by good data
  • Focusing on finding the right messengers ​
  • Finding a network of advocates and collaborators
  • Focusing on the goal of the campaign and making sure that everything the campaign does pays attention to its goals

Why do many campaigns fail? Invariably, campaigns fail because they lose focus. Successful campaigns keep a clear eye on their goals and are relentless in pursuing them.
Of course, creating and implementing a successful campaign requires setting smart goals, and targeting decision makers with messages that will move them to action. But it’s also critical to define issues in a way that mobilizes support and establishes the terms of the debate.


  • Moderator
    Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • Founding Director, Palm Center
  • Principal, Brownbridge Strategies
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