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Jeffrey Sachs - Thumbnail

Jeffrey Sachs

By Eric Nee 9

Jeffrey Sachs believes we must lift a billion-plus people out of poverty while reducing our impact on the environment.

Joanne Weiss - Thumbnail

Joanne Weiss

By Eric Nee 2

Joanne Weiss is in charge of the federal government’s $4.3 billion Race to the Top Fund, a new program that is funding innovations in K-12 education.

Q&A: Jeff Raikes - Thumbnail

Q&A: Jeff Raikes

By Eric Nee 4

Jeff Raikes takes over the Gates Foundation at a turbulent time when philanthropic resources are down and social needs are up.

Q&A: Fred Krupp - Thumbnail

Q&A: Fred Krupp

By Eric Nee 2

Under Fred Krupp’s leadership, the Environmental Defense Fund has become one of the most important power brokers in the environmental arena. Krupp has helped accomplish what some thought was impossible—getting businesses to go green voluntarily.

Q & A: Judith Rodin - Thumbnail

Q & A: Judith Rodin

By Eric Nee 2

The Rockefeller Foundation is staying at the forefront of new and big ideas, funding new innovation processes like crowdsourcing and collaborative competitions.

Q&A: William Brindley - Thumbnail

Q&A: William Brindley

By Eric Nee

William Brindley spent most of his career keeping financial institutions at the leading edge of technology. Now, as CEO of the nonprofit consortium NetHope, he is using those same skills to help nonprofits do the same. NetHope now has 25 member organizations, among them Save the Children, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and Catholic Relief Services.

Q & A: David Gergen - Thumbnail

Q & A: David Gergen

By James A. Phills Jr. 6

In this interview with James A. Phills Jr., the Stanford Social Innovation Review‘s academic editor, former presidential advisor David Gergen discusses his views on social innovation, why social entrepreneurs should be more engaged in politics, and how the federal government can work with and even fund social entrepreneurs.

15 Minutes with Martin Eakes - Thumbnail

15 Minutes with Martin Eakes

By Eric Nee 5

Managing Editor Eric Nee spoke with Self-Help’s founder and CEO, Martin Eakes, about the subprime loan crisis and its impact on the poor.

15 Minutes with Vicky Colbert

By Eric Nee 1

SSIR Managing Editor Eric Nee spoke with Escuela Nueva’s president Vicky Colbert about her efforts to change the way children are educated.

15 Minutes with Thomas Vander Ark

By Eric Nee

SSIR Managing Editor Eric Nee spoke with the X Prize Foundation’s president, Thomas Vander Ark, about how prizes can stimulate social innovation.