I commented on Twitter recently that I’m seeing lots of new nonprofit blogs. Some of them good, some of them God-awful. Ironically (or not), the best new nonprofit blogs I’ve seen are being written by the younger folks in the sector. I’ve been really excited to see these new nonprofit voices add to the ongoing and important conversations we need to have about doing the work of social change. Read them, learn from them and be inspired.

1. Diane Tran, Minnesota Rising
“Notes about the rising Millennial generation in Minnesota. We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

2. Adrianne Russell, Cabinet of Curiosities
“I am a museum professional, so my writing tends to center around art education, museums and other nonprofit organizations (and folks that work with and for them) and social media.”

3. Jessica Journey, Nonprofit Leadership
“I have developed this site to share my experiences in the nonprofit sector.”

4. Anh Tran, Nonprofit Adventures
“A 25-year old’s reflections on the past, plans for the future, and adventures in the nonprofit world.”

5. Jenny Guerrero, A Note or Two
“I never thought of making my passion for helping a career. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my heart and passion and build a career in the nonprofit industry.”

Yes, I realize that my list is all-female. So tell me, dear readers: where my nonprofit blogging fellas at?