• Creating a Social Business

    How Jaipur Living developed a global rug business, one weaver at a time, and lifted thousands out of poverty.

    By N.K. Chaudhary | 2

  • Case Study: Saathi

    Hindi for “friend,” the Saathi Internet program enables women in rural India to help other women improve their lives and livelihoods.

    By Esha Chhabra

  • Case Study: Arghyam

    Arghyam, a grantmaking foundation, takes a data-driven approach to helping transform India’s water and sanitation systems.

    By Esha Chhabra

  • Q&A With Rohini Nilekani

    Two decades of giving have taught philanthropist Rohini Nilekani the value of pursuing unconventional approaches to tackling social problems.

    By Neera Nundy & Pakzan Dastoor

  • Scaling With Evidence

    When monitoring and evaluation are in an organization’s DNA, as they are at SNEHA, it’s much easier to create partnerships with government agencies and NGOs.

    By Dr. Armida Fernandez & Vanessa D'Souza

  • Why Indian Nonprofits Are Experts at Scaling Up

    There might be no better guide than Indian nonprofits for how to successfully scale up when resources are scarce.

    By Soumitra Pandey, Rohit Menezes & Swati Ganeti | 9

  • Q&A With Ratan Tata

    Since becoming chairman of Tata Trusts, Ratan Tata has shifted the trusts’ focus from charitable work to programs that seek to transform lives.

    By Rohit Menezes & Soumitra Pandey

  • Water Is Power

    A project undertaken by Indian NGO Gram Vikas shows how efforts to solve a particular social problem can have a far reaching impact on an entire social system.

    By Johanna Mair & Christian Seelos

  • Photo Essay: The Many Faces of Learning

    India has the most youth of any country, and one of the most diverse, making education one of its biggest challenges.

    By Impact India, Spring 2017

  • Deploying Technology

    Technology alone is not the innovation. Rather, the innovation lies in how technology is deployed.

    By Dr. Aparna Hegde