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Unlocking Data and Unleashing Its Potential

Featuring Jake Porway, Melinda Rolfs, John Wilbanks, Greg Bloom, & ST Mayer

Many valuable datasets remain locked away or siloed across different organizations and sectors. This panel from our February data conference looks how we can collaborate better on data projects.

The Art of Collaborative Leadership

Featuring Akaya Windwood

Rockwood Leadership Institute president Akaya Windwood discusses how we can get movements and sectors to work together to advance the common good.

Leveraging Online Collaboration

Featuring Dean Jansen

What happens when you leverage the power of internet volunteerism in much the same way as Wikipedia, but with the intention of translating and subtitling videos?

Partnering for Scale and Impact

Featuring Melissa Bradley

How can partnerships help the nonprofit sector navigate legislative hurdles, new leadership, and antiquated business models?

Cross-Sector Social Innovation

Featuring Barton (Buzz) Thompson Jr.

Buzz Thompson identifies models of collaboration across areas of expertise that can help us solve complex societal issues.

Jean Oelwang on what nonprofit management has to learn from the private sector.

Leveraging Business Assets in Nonprofit

Featuring Jean Oelwang

Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite, argues that nonprofit organizations have a lot to learn from the business practices of the private sector if they wish to maximize their impact.