John Capek talks about ways we can improve not only the predictability but also the potential success for technologies in order to improve the overall delivery of healthcare over the next decade.

He considers important industry trends, such as demographic and globalization, and presents key statistics on critical data points such as the demographic for healthcare spending, on Asia emerging as a market for the healthcare sector, and the role of diabetes treatment in healthcare systems.

In talking about the evolution of the healthcare industry, he cites an example of the transition in modes of therapy in the field of Interventional Cardiology. In the first 25 years, the predominant mode of therapy in Interventional Cardiology was mechanical, whether that be with Balloon Angioplasty or atherectomy devices. Now, in the recent years, he continues, we are making the transition into molecular cardiology solutions using genetic modifiers, drug-eluting stents, protein deliverers and such genetic engineering approaches. This is having a significant impact on the market place.

He argues that a strong driver for growth in the medical devices segment is the integration of four major categories of technologies: IT/Health Services, Pharma, Genetics, and devices.

The Executive Vice President of Medical Devices puts into context the impact of healthcare reform on the delivery of technologies.