Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew how to get people to act on their best intentions? Jennifer Lynn Aaker has spent most of her career researching the science of getting people to do the right thing. In this keynote session she confesses her frustrations when her students don’t remember the things that she believes are most important in the classes she teaches.

So in one class she conducted a crowdsourced experiment which literally changed the way Jennifer views and thinks about social media. In her class one of her students gave her a set of slides that told a very compelling story. She shares that story and explains how it led her to come up with a new theory for creating infectious action.

By sharing Sameer Bhatia’s and Vinay Chakravarthy’s stories, Aaker identifies four key parts to what she calls the Dragonfly Model. With these four ideals, she believes there is a repeatable method that we can follow to get people to take action, but perhaps even more important, to influence people to get others to take action as well.