As an executive with UnitedHealth Group, Richard Migliori is responsible for ensuring clinical excellence and linking that excellence to practical clinical outcomes and robust business results. In this university podcast, he talks about innovation as the lifeblood of his organization, and the criteria by which innovative efforts are adopted. He emphasizes the need for the healthcare system to become more connected, intelligent, and aligned in order to be sustainable in the long-term. Migliori spoke at the 2011 GSB Healthcare Summit, sponsored by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Richard Migliori is executive vice president of health services for UnitedHealth Group. He also serves as chief healthcare officer of UnitedHealth Group Alliances, a division of UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement. Migliori joined UnitedHealth Group in 1996. He brings to his current executive position over 20 years of experience in the health care sector, including time as CEO of four diverse companies. He has published more than 35 articles on topics ranging from continuous quality improvement methods in a clinical setting to surgical oncology and solid organ transplant. Migliori holds an MD from Brown University and completed a National Health Research Fellowship in immunology, transplantation, and oncology funded by the National Institutes of Health.