Presentation slides and other materials referenced at Social Media on Purpose 2014, held on May 22, 2014.

Meg Garlinghouse and Sherri Wood

LinkedIn (via SlideShare)

Caroline Barlerin and Sammie Rayner

Twitter (PDF)

Liba Rubenstein

Tumblr (PDF)

Beth Kanter, Cindy Johanson, Matt Fitzgerald, Humberto Kam, Abdi Soltani, James Nickerson, and Trenton DuVal

Nonprofit Social Media Integrated-Campaign-Case-Study-SLAM! (PDF)
Announcing Harvey Milk 2013, by SF Gay Men's Chorus (video)

Perla Ni

Transparency, Engagement, and Showcasing Impact Online (PDF)

Crowdsourced Panel for Successful Social Media Campaigns (PDF)

EWG Food Database (video)
Chirp the News (video)

Stefania Pomponi

Goal-Driven Social Media (PDF)
How Clever Girls Collective Helped #Batkid Save The Day (video)

Short Videos (Under 1 Minute) Shown After Lunch:

Foster Care to Success: Who I Am Part Two
ChangeLab Solutions: Innovation for the Common Good
Giving Comfort: A Great Joy for Deborah

Blog Posts About the Conference

By Beth Kanter: Social Media Integrated Campaign Case Study Slam: SSIR Social Media on Purpose Conference
By Devin Briski: One Story, Mass Engagement
By Sue Duris: The Importance of Social Media In Branding

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