Going Global: Transforming Relief and Development NGOs

Marc Lindenberg & Coralie Bryant

Paperback: 288 pages, Kumarian Press (2001), $18.17

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Going Global
Transforming Relief and Development NGOs
Marc Lindenberg and Coralie Bryant
288 pages (Kumarian Press, 2001)

In this book, the leaders of international humanitarian organizations, such as CARE, Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontières, World Vision, Save the Children, and Plan talk candidly about management strategy, organizational goals, advocacy, accountability, and partnerships. One of the greatest struggles of these leaders, the book points out, is to demonstrate the impact of their organizations to skeptical donor agencies. Humanitarian emergencies are becoming more complex due to internal displacement of refugees. At the same time, donor agencies increasingly want quantitative evidence of success. But it is difficult to demonstrate success when some of the food aid gets diverted to paramilitary groups, or when rival gangs see refugee camps as legitimate targets. Humanitarian aid agencies are getting pinched even though their central mission has not changed. The worst criticism is that humanitarian aid sometimes prolongs wars and conflicts by feeding the warriors. How can these agencies combat this? Who is going to be an external evaluator? Going Global probes these questions.