Spring 2006

Volume 4, Number 1

It’s a truth, albeit a harsh one, that corporate social responsibility programs are often as much or more about public relations as they are about solving the world’s problems. In the spring 2006 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review, we hear from several authors with suggestions for “Changing the Game” to make CSR efforts really count, with a particular focus on creating business and nonprofit partnerships that play to the strengths of all the players.



It All Started Here

By Eric Nee

Sidebar to “The Hidden Cost of Paradise:” The Miwoks were exterminated from Yosemite Valley.

Nonprofit Management

Wise Guys

By Jeffrey Pfeffer & Robert I. Sutton

Sidebar to “Act on Facts, Not Faith:” encouraging workers to complain leads to more effective organizations.


Appraising Business Ideas

By Jeffrey Pfeffer & Robert I. Sutton

Sidebar to “Act on Facts, Not Faith:” rules to keep in mind when evaluating or developing business ideas.

Field Report


Organic Growth

By Ricardo Sandoval

How an all-natural Mexican farming cooperative is improving its community while making a bundle.

Case Study




Capacity by Any Other Name

By Thomas E. Backer, Alan N. Miller, & Jane Ellen Bleeg

Donors don’t know much about capacity building, except that they don’t like the term.



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